Caring for my Gaucho

  1. Hello :nuts:

    I have had my beautiful Gaucho for a couple of weeks now and I was wondering how I should care for it. What, if any, products should I put on the leather to keep it in great condition?

    Thank you :girlsigh:
  2. I was told to not put anything on the leather. It might take the finish off.
  3. I got a small oil or something stain on my bordeaux gaucho, I used applegarde conditioner with a q-tip on the spot and it removed it right away. All in all though, I wouldn't treat this bag with anything unless it was in absolute dire need. I definitely wouldn't use any kind of leather cleaner on it since they tend to strip the dye.
  4. Yes, you have to be careful or you'll clean off that 'dirty look' to it. I bought my medium olive brown gaucho to my son's Mother's Day Tea at his school. My son offered to bring me a drink (iced tea) and accidentally spilled all over the front of my gaucho. Of course, I'm with all mothers so I couldn't freak out ... so I calmly wiped it off with napkins. When I got home, there was a stain developing so I wiped it down with diaper wipes. It worked but the wipes cleaned it so well that it wiped off that little dirty look to the bag. So now my gaucho is a little too clean in some parts but I read in another forum that you can apply a little shoe polish to dirty it up.