Caring for my Bays

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  1. Hi! I treated myself to my first E/W Bays in stone last year :smile: but have yet to use it. Is it necessary to spray it with a leather protection spray first? TIA!
  2. Congratulations! If it were me, then yes I would spray first to ensure the best protection for the bag no matter the weather conditions :smile:

    Have you posted any pics of it, we'd love to see it :smile:

  3. I have the same bag but I haven't sprayed it. I tried putting a couple of drops of water on it and they didn't soak in at all, it just rolled off -- sort of like on a very well sprayed bag. It didn't seem necesary, but they do recommend it on the care card. I was a bit worried that if I did spray it that might ruin the finish somehow.
  4. Thanks, maplecottage and Haefen! Will be finally using it in the coming week. Hope that this is not the start of an expensive hobby ;)
  5. Whenever you start buying mulberry's you are headed down a slippery slope. I love Bayswaters, and find them definitely addicting!!