Caring for Mirage

  1. Thought I'd post separately here from my thread with pics of the Speedy bc I had too many things to say in the other one already! :p

    Is the patent leather on the speedy as delicate as Vernis? I don't have too many patent leather pieces (besides a few pairs of shoes). Do they need special care? Do they get 'dinged up' easily or lose its shine?

    Sorry if these are amateur questions, I just want to have this bag for a really really long time!
  2. Although I've owned LV for years, I have never owned a Speedy 30 because I hated the look of dirty handles. The Mirage solves this problem, which is why I was soooooooo happy they finally created a Speedy with black patent leather handles. I think it's pretty durable and doesn't need particular care, just be careful of abrasive surfaces and contact with anything that could dull the finish (eg-nail polish). The Mirage canvas is pretty similar to the original monogram, and aside from the things I mentioned, should last a long while if you take proper care of it....
  3. I just put mine away about 3 days ago. I have used it since I got it and it is just fine! I just love it to death!!!
  4. I think it's very low maintenance.
  5. The SA at LV told me that they are prone to scratches when you're not careful, may lose its shine and look dull overtime. Its just part of wear and tear of patent handles.
  6. I think it will be fine. It's not like you're going to wear it to death like a pair of shoes. I have patent shoes and they take a beating...still look great.
  7. How would the SA hasn't even been out that long. This is the first LV with patent handles if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Thats what she told me when I saw the mirage at the store and asked how patent handles hold up.
  9. I would figure that the bags are tested out to see what the durability is before they are even sold or sent to boutiques?
  10. I dont understand it but apart from the LV SA (in Singapore, where I spent more than 30mins contemplating on getting the mirage in front of me as it was one of their last 2 pieces), it seemed that every SA I asked about the delicate nature of patent leather (even in Gucci and Prada), I always got the same response. Its very discouraging and are not good sales pitches to a customer.
  11. Got more curious about patent leather and wanted to check whether the SAs were right or wrong or just misinformed. Here's a link to a thread about patent leather. Hope this helps.

    P.S...and here's a quote from Wikipedia,

    "Patent leather, with wear and tear will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery."

    LV SA may be right about the "wear and tear" thing. She said the exact same words and may have gotten her info from Wikipedia lol
  12. Louis Vuitton does do quality control which go through a lot of wear and will reflect how an average person stresses the bag and how it will look after the stress caused to the bag.

    LV isn't going to send out a bag when they don't know how it will look after a while to the customer.
  13. ^ Don't think that's strictly true with the seasonal LTD items there isn't time to do serious checks
    I used my polka dots corsaire carefully about 4 times and the handles flaked, far to quick to call it regular wear and tear
  14. Of course the seasonal one time pieces are not going to be as carefully tested. No matter how much you test, there are some things that only time will tell.

    If it's in the nature of patent leather to fade, it will happen to these speedies too.
  15. ITA. Its all about the nature of patent leather.