Caring for MbMJ turnlock series

  1. Hello all,

    I just bought a Totally Turnlock Teri bag and absolute love it! The bag came with a card that recommended not cleaning the bag with any chemical cleaners. Has any trying protecting their bags (or bags made out of similar leather) with the Apple Garde spray to prevent dirt? And has any been brave enough to clean their bag if it got dirty? Thanks so much for the help!
  2. what color is your's?

    if you get dirt on it, just wipe it with a baby wipe =)
  3. LOL, if you can use it on a baby's bottom, you can certainly use it on a leather handbag!
  4. That is what I use on my bags!
  5. I have a black one, but I'm a pediatrician at a hospital, so accidents (although rare) are probably going to be inevitable. I think I test a little spot with Apple Garde before using it.