Caring for interior of H bags

  1. The chevre lining inside the bags are so soft/delicate, and therefore so prone to scratches. Can these scratches be treated by the craftsman?

    I will be receiving my bagmate soon, and that would safeguard any accidents but I am concerned that if there should be scratches on the lining, I might not be able to do anything about it.:confused1:
  2. Will the craftsman be able to smooth out scratches on the chevre lining? Anyone had this experience?
  3. Hi mrssparkles, I've always considered the goatskin lining durable and scratchproof, actually! I haven't had any problems and I've dropped a bunch of keys inside. It's the lambskin lining of most Bolides that bother me.
  4. 24, Oh dear, then the bolide is a dead no-no for me that. I would be a nervous wreck owning one .....

    What is the leather used to line the paris bombay then?
  5. Mrssparkles, I've carried a Bolide 31 for a couple of years and was actually able to buff out superficial scratches on the lambskin interior myself. Just as long as you don't drag a set of keys along the leather, it will be fine. It's both more fragile and more scratchproof than one might think, if that makes sense!

    I haven't really fondled a P-B that much but from what I remember and have seen in pics, the lining looks like Vache Natural. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. While I've goten nicks on the exterior, I've had no issues with the interior and I used to chuck keys in there unsheathed before I finally got a key holder. I think the fact that the lining's not quite as stiff as a Chevre exterior and a bit more supple that helps; i.e., my squishy Chevre Karo has held up nicely despite the abuse. No nicks anywhere.

    Ah, yes, the Bolide's seemingly delicate lambskin lining freaked me out a bit. But I can't resist its appeal! 37cm in Chartreuse Clemence....yum!

    The Trim lining is just suede--I'm assuming it's the reverse of the hide?
  7. I was told that the lining on my Paris Bombay is actually barenia -- not sure if that is exactly what it is though...
  8. The Paris Bombay I saw looked like it had Vache Natural Lining.
    I've yet to have a problem with any scratches in my Birkin and would use an accessory pouch for my keys if I had a Bolide.
    I'm super careful with my bags but the interiors don't stress me out that much. The Exteriors, well that's a different story! hehe :smile:
  9. I agree with Greentea in that these bags are meant to be used. The interiors tho, are so lovely ( part of the appeal:heart: ) that one feels that one should take a bit of care of the inside as well as the outside without going into any great stress, however.

    A scratch or rub does not bother me inside or out. However, I wouldn't let an ink pen anywhere near my bags. I DO flip out when I see bags with pen marks on the inside or out.
  10. I just keep the inside clean with the Meltonian polish, same as the outside. I don't get too bent out of shape regarding scratches on the interior. I do detest pen marks and am extremely careful regarding that. On the whole, as long as the outside looks good...I'd rather have the damage on the inside so I don't have to look at it:smile:
  11. Shoes, from what I remember, the interior leather was firmer than Barenia. Gorgeous, though. How do you like using your PB, shoes and gracekelly?
  12. Don't have a Paris-Bombay tho I sure am thinking about it (are you reading my mind?) Shoes red PB sure has me thinking of an addition to my red bag collection:smile: I do have many other styles. I like variety:yes:
  13. The P-B that I owned for half a day (LOL) had a lambskin interior. Same as the Bolides.