Caring for Groom Zippy Wallet

  1. First post and potentially, my first LV buy! My mom bought me a purse yesterday for my birthday/congratulations on a promotion/christmas gift and now i'm inspired to buy a LV wallet. I really love the groom wallet that just came out but i'm really concerned if the paint will come off. I've done some research on the board and it looks like it will eventually rub off. Seeing that this will be my daily wallet use, the likelihood of it chipping/rubbing off is high. But I LOVE the blue interior of the wallet. But would it look bad if the paint is coming off in the front?
  2. Well yeah... some parts will rub off eventually with use...

    ...but just take a look on eBay at used CB, Cerises, and Graffiti bags/small leather goods, for example. I would think that Groom Zippy wallet would last just as long as these used CB, Cerises, and Graffiti bags/small leather goods on eBay, depending on how well you take care of them... :shrugs:
  3. It all depends on how you treat your stuff, if you cherish it, it will last longer. But it will look fine no matter what happens!!!
  4. my sa at lv told me the process they used for the groom is much better than they have previously used and should not have the rub off that the mc or cherise line did. something about a 12 run within the material so it should not rub off. I'm getting the wallet in the red.