Caring for GG fabric bags..?

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  1. Can I spray my GG fabric bag with applegaurd spray? Or does anyone rec something else.
  2. Very Interesting question. I have no idea but would love to know as well. I just got my first Gucci and have not done a thing to it. However, on my denim LV I did spray a water repelent. I am not sure if it would work for the Gucci bag.
  3. I have sprayed most of my Monogram bags with the applegarde. It works fine.
  4. I spoke to SA at gucci and she said fabric is pretreated. She said you can spray scotch gaurd on it and no problems. Also, if you need to clean it, she rec going to repu dry cleaner you trust.
  5. Good advice!! I have 2 Gucci's on the way!!