Caring for Evercalf

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  1. I've been using my KP in evercalf on a daily basis (cuz when baby pops, i'll have to lug around a HUGE diaper bag !! :P) and it's getting scruffier by the day :crybaby:.

    I've tried to do a search on "caring for evercalf" in particular but most discussions are on boxcalf.

    Can anyone advise if Meltonian cream works just as well on evercalf ? And what is the next best alternative if I can get my hands on this cream ?

    And is the care for evercalf very similar to boxcalf ? I'm thinking of odering a "something" in either box or an exotic
    soon:graucho:, so i need to do some research and reading up at the moment ;)

    Thanks in advance !!!:heart:
  2. Tosca I don't do anything special to care for my Evercalf. AAN posted a great thread about cleaning bags with baby wipes (which I'm sure you have plenty of) you might try that otherwise I'd take it to your store if you really think it needs attention.

    AFAIK the care for Evercalf is similar to the care for box yes.
  3. Handybags : thanks so much ! it's just that of late, i see that the leather looks like it's drying up - (cld it be due to the airconditioning at work and at home ?) and i'm worried that the leather will crack ..

    Haaha, yes i have a HUGE supply of baby wipes, good that it comes in handy with our bags as well !!
  4. I can't imagine your leather could possibly dry out in such a short time. The wipes will moisturise it if you choose to use them.

    But if you're really worried take it in for your SA to have a look at :smile:
  5. Toscaong, I don't have evercalf but I have a birkin in evergraine (embossed evercalf). Although it is hardy, I found that evergraine does scruff easily and the corners wear out very quickly. Mine turned from ebene to whitish-brown in about 3 months of daily, but careful usage. I brought it in for a spa recently, and it came back brand new! That's the good thing about evergraine.

    I guess its the same for evercalf. So I won't worry about caring for evercalf too much. When you're ready to go on to a diaper bag, you can spa your pochette and everything will be alright ;)
  6. Yikes sorry to hear this :sad: try the wipes or take it in for spa treatment.
  7. Me neither !! but it is showing signs of wrinkles already :sad:
    i'll probably take it with me this week to my SA just for her to have a look at it first ;) Thanks !!
  8. Thanks babe ! i've got "whiteish" scuffs on the bag - guess i'm not exactly very careful abt where i place it - which is bugging me :crybaby:
    hehee, now the question is, what diaper bag to get :graucho::graucho:
  9. I'm going to try the wipes tonight :smile:
    I guess i'm so not ready for a bigger bag in smooth leather !!! :Push:
  10. Have a look for Pazt thread about the Victoria FT as a diaper bag... Fabulous!

    Do you know what colour you need? A pink or a blue :P
  11. For bags, i'm more inclined to neutrals, am considering the Gao bag !

    And it's def a "blue" - i've already purchased blue scarves to accessorize the "to be purchased diaper bag" !!!:P

    Will go check out the FT !
  12. Congrats your baby boy Tosca :drinkup:

    I don't know that you'll fit enough in a Gao - depends on how heavy you pack (although you never carry so much with baby 2 and you did with baby 1)
  13. Thank U !! i now need 2 more kids and 2 puppies to complete my family :nuts: LOL !!!

    Will be heading to the stores tomorrow to see if they have any Gaos in stock, i've not seen one IRL, but from Hermesmonkey's post it looks like it sld suffice !

    We're more laid back with the second (and subsequent) babies huh ...

    For DD, i was taking my prenatal vits regularly and drinkning 2 glasses for milk a day ! This time round, i keep forgetting to take the vits and *horror of horrors* drink 2 cups of coffee a day ! :P

    Anyhows, i tried the wet wipes last night, and they do add a bit of moisture to the leather - which is making it look much better !!!:tup::tup::tup: