Caring for distress leather..please share

Jun 3, 2006
I remember reading a few threads about caring for lambskin and caviar but haven't really heard what anyone uses on their distress leather bags.
This is one of the threads.
Be great if anyone could share their stories and products to all Tpfers with distress leather reissues.

I've only ever used applegard cleanser and conditioner on caviar and lambskin. Nearly ruin one vintage lambskin flap with applegard.
Has anyone used:
LMB- Lamb And Exotic Caress cleanser, silk serum conditioner?
Shiny Monkey
or any new products?


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Jan 26, 2007
I've used Coach leather conditioner on a Chanel lambskin before and it worked wonderfully. I'd love to hear of more products, and perhaps better ones, though.

Glad to hear that. I was wondering how that would work. I picked up some Meltonian leather conditioner today, but am still too scared to try it on my bag! I put it on a pair of boots. The smell is pretty strong.
Jun 3, 2006
I've tried Meltonian cleaner and conditioner on my matte grey reissue, and it worked great. I didn't put it on the whole bag, just on the areas that needed to be treated.
I'm tempted to get the meltonian, said can be used on distress leather.
So undecided, LMB recommended these products Lamb And Exotic Caress cleanser, silk serum conditioner.
Anyone had any success with theses?