Caring for “Cork” Shoes

Jun 12, 2020
Many summer sandals have a Cork footbed. Cork is natural and should be cared for with natural products that resist bacteria, odor and damage. This is an easy fix I use.

Baking soda
Shoe scrub brush (or toothbrush)
Bottle or small bucket of water
Hand towel or paper towels

Wet the scrub brush.
Sprinkle a little baking soda directly on the footbed.
Scrub the brush across the baking soda in one direction.
Pour water in the sandal to Rinse OR moisten the towel and sop up excess water (it may look dirty).
If the shoebed is very dirty, scrub it again and rinse until water is clean.
Optional: Spray with a nice shoe spray and let it dry.
Let the shoe dry thorough.
Voila! Enjoy your fresh smelling shoe!

Baking soda rinses easily, unlike soap. Even if a little is left it cannot harm you or your shoe. Any residue will absorb foot odors and moisture.


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Sep 26, 2007
in the shoe department
Yes! Thank you for sharing.

And may I add for the outside, like the edges of wedges or Birkenstocks:

Recoating the outside walls with cork sealant (Birkenstock makes their own, but any craft store has some) can prolong the life of the cork. It not only rejuvenates the look but adds to its durability. My oldest pair of Birks dates from 2008 and with some cleaning and resealing of the outside of the footbed it's like they look practically new with the comfort of an old pair.
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