Caring for clip in extensions

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Nov 11, 2007
Vancouver BC
I just bought a set of clip in extensions. they are real hair and I was in hurry when I bought them and didn't ask the girl how to care for them.

Do any of you ladies have them? how often do you shampoo them and do you use a conditioner? let them air dry?

This is obviously my first time with extensions.

Thanks everyone.


Apr 29, 2008
well i have clip-ins in mine right now but they aren't the ones you take off every night. they stay in mine every minute of the day and can last some 3 months before i get them lifted.

nonetheless, they are still clip-ins, so i treat them like my own hair. they get washed and conditioned as per norm, then i use a hair dryer.
however, im not sure if your type will hold up the usual hair scrubbing in the shower (as in they might come off or shift) so perhaps wash it gently in a shallow pail (ok well like a large bowl) with shampoo, rinse and etc. hang dry after.

just be gentle :smile: HTH


May 12, 2007
I have clip in extensions that I wear about every two or three weeks.

I try to wash them as little as possible. I've had them a year and I've only washed them two or three times.

I only wash them if they smell really bad (I.E went out and they smell like smoke) or if they had a lot of product in them (I.E hairspray 5 times from curling them).

I shampoo and condition them. When I shampoo them I'm not rough on them and I comb them out with conditioner and lay them flat to dry.

I don't take good care of them when they're sitting around. Sometimes I keep them in a dust cover but sometimes I just leave them hanging around.

I also sometimes spray them with a heat activated protector before using my straightener or curling iron on them. Take good care of them- my girlfriend wears hers everyday and hers have split ends! Mine don't yet.


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
condition then shampoo and condition again!

do not wash them too often! maybe once every 2 months, if you wear them once a week.
every 1.5 weeks if you wear them every day. air dry.
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