Caring for Clemence

  1. Hi everyone! Long time no post. I have been busy moving into a new place and getting settled.

    I have searched for info on this in the search engine but haven't found any information so I'm hoping you all could possibly offer your invaluable advice.
    I am really careful with my Clemence Birkin and I am under the assumption that it isn't supposed to scratch. I have found several tiny little greyish/white (my black is black) "dots" on the back of the bag which look like they could be ash or dust but they do not come off. Upon closer inspection, I feel like they might be small little scratches.
    Here are photos:



    So my question are- anyone else have this happen to them? Are these scratches? How do I care for Clemence to prevent future incidents? And would you recommend using anything on this particular leather?
    I don't want to get it cleaned yet as these aren't a big deal at all but I figured I'd ask here first before going to the store. Thank you!
  2. Don't know C, but great to see you back again!
  3. Great to see you back, Croissant!

    I am not sure if what I'd encountered in the past, was the same as yours, but the white dots appear to be similar. I used a damp cloth, gave the spot a wipe and it disappeared. It seemed to be surfaced from the lower layers of the leather, which I find rather strange.

  4. Those are not scratches. I just raised this issue with Claude. Apparently this is the wax coming to surface or something like that. At first I thought they were scratches then upon more inspection they looked like little tiny white dots. At first after noticing that I thought it might be mold but Claude said no. He said that it was just the leather and then HG told me about the wax (or coating) coming to surface. Rubbing won't do anything. It will come back.
  5. Don't do that! I was told by claude that doing that makes it worst. The dampness will make the area moist and then more will come!
  6. Oh? It hasn't resurfaced, E.

    !!!!!!!!And HUGE CONGRATULATIONS finding your HARP!!!!!!!!
  7. How long has it been since you wiped it?
  8. Btw, Ty!

  9. er, 6 months?

    I shall go inspect my bag again. BRB
  10. Just checked .... no more white dots
  11. Bagg first of all im so happy you have already asked Claude about this exact same thing. Yes, i can definitely see how it could be wax surfacing. but it bugs me. it bugs me because my bag is black so its annoying but at least they are minuscule. so what do we do? do we just let them be? will they spread? can this be removed with a Hermes refurbishing? i confess i wet my finger and rubbed and indeed, they came back.
  12. ps thank you for your welcoming everyone;)!
  13. humm,.. I'm too scared to try. Call me a whimp! :p
  14. Just leave it. Don't wipe it. Thats what Claude and HG told me to do. So I'm leaving it. :s
  15. It is great to see you post again, C! While I cannot speak to precisely what the nature of the markings are. I recently brought in Clemence bag to Hermes that had a bit of discoloration around the edges --- it wasn't severe, yet noticable and much worse than what you have pointed out here. Once it was returned, it was completely back to its original state and really made me pleased with Clemence in when in doubt, a spa works miracles!