Caring for Chocolate guccissima leather

  1. I just bought my first guccissima leather bag:yahoo: :love: . Up to this point I have only had their canvas bags. I usually use Coach leather cleaner and Moisturizer on all my other leather bags. I just wanted to make sure it was safe to use on the guccissima leather. Or should I use something else? I rather be safe than sorry. I would HATE for anything to happen to such a beautiful bag. Also how often would you recommend I Moisturizer it?

    To clean my canvas bags I have been using Coach which just came out with a canvas cleaner, that works really well. Thanks to this board I have also learned I can use baby wipes to clean the canvas.

    Thanks to everyone here you are the best.
  2. What bag did you get? I use the Coach moisturizer on all my leather bags...I haven't used the cleaner as I don't let them get dirty.....I have the Gucci medium chain hobo...I haven't used anything on it yet but I will....when I do it will be the Coach lotion...Just don't use too much...It might get 'stuck in the GG's!!!' You'll be fine....:heart: Emmy
  3. Thank you Emmy. I was pretty sure it was okay but I just wanted to make sure it was okay before I did something I would regret. I would hate to mess up such a beautiful bag. How often do you suggest moisturizer?

    Here is what I got


    'princy' large hobo with zip-top closure, single non-adjustable strap, bow, inside zip pocket, and cell phone pocket. 15.4"L x 12.6"H.
    chocolate guccissima leather with chocolate leather trim and light gold hardware.
  4. I dont put anything on my bags....
  5. Congrats!! Beautiful bag....Don't you love the leather!?!?! Enjoy!! :heart: Emmy
  6. that's a beautiful bag. congrats and enjoy. i don't put anything on my bags either.
  7. Congrats on the bag.

    I don't usually put anything on my bags.
  8. Congrats on the new Gucci! I *need* to add a chocolate guccissima bag to my collection too!!!

    I don't usually put anything on my bags either...