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  1. Does anyone know of any shampoo you can use on a jersey flap?

    The dirt has transfered onto the double flap inside bag from the straps.

    I don't live in USA, so it's impossible to send in my bag for professional cleaning.

    Any tips?
  2. anyone?????????
  3. eeK! What color is your jersey? Mine is black so hopefully I won't have any cleaning issues!!! Good luck!
    Maybe you could call a boutique and ask their advice?????:shrugs:
  4. Even though you are not in the US, I would hope there should be a Chanel somewhere that you can send it to for cleaning. I'm sorry I have no clue on how to clean it.
  5. it's pink jersey.
    But unforunately AUstralia doesn't offer that service.
  6. Aww, that stinks, I'm sorry. :sad: This may sound whacky, but I've heard of people dry cleaning their bags... not just at any old dry cleaner, but supposedly there are places that do this for expensive fabric/cloth/canvas bags. Maybe you can look into that? :s Otherwise, maybe there is a gentle cleaning product that you can safely use... it would probably be best to find out from the boutique, or better yet, bring it to them and have them send it off for professional cleaning! :smile: Good luck! :flowers:
  7. which colour of jersey u have? call chanel for assistance ... if u live in sydney, there is a dry cleaner next to coles town hall has the service for cleaning bags, i guess for fabric material should be OK, cant guarantee though, best is to call chanel
  8. Is the material hard to take care? easy to get dirty? how to clean it if it gets dirty?

  9. Missisa has this bag, she would know:yes:
  10. I have this bag and it gets dirty really easy and I've only used it a handful of times. Not sure how to clean it, but I'd like to know! I also notice that it gets little fuzz balls on it, especially if I wear it with something dark.
  11. I've only used mine a handful of times too (not because I don't like it, but I'm too lazy to switch out bags lately). I have the silver one. I sprayed mine with Apple Garde Rain/Stain Repellent spray, which I think helps a bit. I've never actually spilled anything on it, and I'm very careful with my bags as well. I would highly recommend using the Apple Garde spray on it though, just to be sure.

    I have noticed and agree with what TNCOGIRL said. It does get little "fuzz balls" on it. Mine are light colored fuzz balls, either because I have a dog around the house or from the clothes I wear. The "hair/fuzz" tends to stick a little to the jersey material, but it's nothing that can't easily be pulled off with your fingers or taken off with a lint roller. :sweatdrop:
  12. My little miss red jersey flap got a little dirty:crybaby: Chanel 800 said I'd better send it to the boutique. Before doing that, I want to see whether there is any DIY way. Since the nearest boutique is 2-hour drive a way. Has anyone tried to clean her jersey bag successfully? I would LOVE to know the tips! Thanks so much for anyone's input:flowers:
  13. Hello! I just bought a lovely gray fabric jumbo but I am scared it will get dirty easily. Does anybody know if there is a treatment that the chanel botiques can do for it?
    Also, does anybody know how to clean it when it gets dirty?
  14. I don't think there is any treatment Chanel offers and I would be careful spot cleaning it since the right combination of soap and water can cause jersey to shrink.
  15. yikes, the last post here was in 2010. sorry for the bump, but has anyone had any luck having with cleaning their jersey bags? and does chanel offer to send them off for cleaning?