Caring for Chanel CAVIAR Leather

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  1. Ok, all you wonderful Chanel experts:

    My first Chanel is a white caviar classic flap. What do I need to do to take care of it? What can I use to clean it? Should I treat it with something? I am terrified to change the white color at all!:Push:
  2. I have a large white classic flap and I don't treat it with anything. I know someone said something about saddle soap if it got stained or something, but my bag still looks like it did when I brought it home in March.
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  3. I do not put anything on my caviar leather but I treat my lambskin and deerskin with vectra. Caviar holds up so well that it is maintenance free, really. I love it!
  4. Thank you both! I guess it's funny, to buy a bag and then be terrified to use it! ;)
  5. caviar is basically maintenance free. . . just be careful carrying it w/ dark clothing, there *could* be color transfer. . .
  6. I use vectra on all my bags
  7. congrats on the white caviar! it is truly a beauty! i was torn between that color and the dark pink (corail)...i ended up getting the corail, but i really want a white caviar now too!
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  9. Can caviar leather be taken out in the rain?
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  10. I have taken my caviar jumbo out in the rain. In fact, it is one of my "rainy day" bags.
  11. I've never used anything on my caviar bags and they look terrific after years. My advice it to use the heck out of it, especially the first year. Chanel will refurbish to like new for free if you bring back to them within a year with the receipt!
  12. I have removed color transfer from light colored caviar with saddlesoap and water. Aside from that, its pretty resilient.
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  13. I use a clear leather balsam on my lighter colored bags - the one I have is called Super VII leather Balsam (you can find it at car shows). It actually waterproofs the leather. On all of my darker leather bags (both smooth and caviar), I use Connolly Hide Care Leather Condtioner (formerly called Hide Food). You can find that at Jaguar and Bentley dealerships. It is absolutely fabulous, and one jar will last you forever.
  14. ok my caviars hold up SO well.. compared to *ahem* others ... well if there is a certain "spot" on it ..i just sweep my index finger across my forehead and rub the spot off.. works most of the times...well my head is pretty well oiled (im a teen)..
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  15. Is all you need is a damp cloth to wipe it down? Is there a need for a specific leather cleaner or anything else like that? Or to even protect it?