Caring for CAVIAR Leather

  1. Good work j! Now I know my white caviar timeless clutch will be safe despite my clumsiness...LOL... :lol: ;)
  2. Hi ladies, I just bought the original coco cabas in the grayish brown color and it has alot of scratches on it, it is not brand new, how do I go about cleaning it? Thanks
  3. I always start with baby wipes. I am not sure that cleaning will fix scratches though.
  4. Will that Apple Guard take some of the scratches out?
  5. I've seen the original cabas in IRL..they are not scratches....just looks like it..that's all...(told by my SA)..
  6. I have the original cabas as well; it's distressed caviar, so cleaning won't help.
  7. scratches don't need to be cleaned, they need to be buffed.
    Rub w/ your finger:yes:
  8. Hey ladies, I just bought my first Chanel! A classic jumbo in the caviar. Just wanted to know if you guys put some kind of leather protecter on your bags, and if so, what kind you used.

    Also, do you find over time that the hardware gets scratched from opening and closing the bag? I am so careful when I use it because i'm afraid of this happening!
  9. How do you clean caviar leather in like white or beige?
  10. I just purchased a used black GST with gold hardware. It was used for 2-3 months and is perfectly worn in. I kind of perfer it that way because it seems to "mold" better to your body when you carry it. That's why I opted not to buy it new...which seems boxier.
    Everything is in very good condition, but being Miss Nit-picky, of course, I worry about the slight wear on the corners. I know its inevitable that bags get the daily wear and tear, but I heard from previous posts about the GST that these are bags that are practically indestructable. I purchased it to be my everyday bag, but now worry that the corners may get too worn in and eventually have a hole =O YIKES!
    Does anyone have any tips on keeping those corners (or the caviar leather) in good shape, so that they resist the wear and tear of daily use?
    Also, if one of the chain breaks, can I take it to Chanel to fix it. Those chains seem so delicate and brittle, unlike the e/w modern chain I have, which feels more sturdy.
    Any advice for Miss Nit-picky?
    Thanks! :smile:
  11. i use my bag daily and, shame, on me, am not careful-I shows no wear in the last 6 months- I think the chains are very sturdy- the only thing that I've noticed is that I let it sit on the table at night w/ out much in it and the corners flattened some under it's own weight- although I kinda like it a little less boxy
  12. Are you saying your bag shows wear on the corners or you're just worried that it might? Please don't tell me that it does... as a Balenciaga girl, I am really looking forward to not having to baby my GST!
  13. I have heard and seen that sometimes the GST gets squatty around the bottom from it's own weight. So, when not in use I lay mine on their sides to prevent this. But I like the boxy shape and hope to try to maintain it.