Caring for black box calf

  1. I know black box calf can be refurbished nicely at H, but is there anything I should be doing in terms of maintenance? I am looking forward to a rich patina, but don't know about this transition phase where every scratch is so visible (and gut-wrenching).

    Also, what do you do when you get a droplet of water on black box calf? Wipe or dab?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. :wtf:^ me too! I have a black box plume sitting in the box, never used...i'm afraid...:sweatdrop:
  3. just wipe it off.
  4. I send my bags in for regular Hermes refurbishing, every year or two (depending on usage).

    I will admit that I keep a small piece of soft cotton material in my boxcalf bags, just in case of a rain drop. I also keep a large plastic bag in my glove box for emergency thunderstorms, to protect any of my H bags.

    Don't be afraid to carry her, boxcalf loves to be carried !
  5. I have had my box birkins drizzled on. And I just wiped the rainwater off. If the water droplets do not sit on your bag long enough, it should not blister.

    I do use shoe polish on my box birkin. Have done it twice and the effect's great. Enhances the patina. But to get a nice natural, glowing patina, you need to use your bag more often. My SA always says it's the natural oil from our palms that gives box the patina. (no hand cream though).

    A lovely friend I got to know from tPF has just posted me a jar of John Lobb cream. I gotta try it :flowers:
  6. L - Get that baby out and take some pictures of her while you're at it!! :p I love my bb plume and this thread makes me want to get her out of the closet - I've been a little skittish about carrying her since getting back from the spa.
  7. Beau.... I keep a lovely Hermes hankie tucked into the pocket of every bag just for dabbing up those droplets and I use a little black Meltonian shoe polish to clean up the corners whenever necessary. Once a year these baby's go to the spa though and that's really all you need to de except USE her. The more you use her, the faster she will get that glorious patina you love!
  8. Thank you for the advice! You guys are awesome. I'm transferring my stuff to my Kelly... (after having looked at the weather report of course!)
  9. ^YAY!

    Mrs S is right, no amount of polish will get the patina that just using it regularly does!

    How I LOVE black box!!!
  10. Thank you all for these tips!
  11. Great! Thanks for this question!!

    S'Mom and others....when you use the shoe polish or creme, is is frowned upon when you take it in for a spa treatment? I've always wondered about that since the company line is to use nothing....

    My box corners need some touch up.
  12. I feel confident I will take her out to play over the holidays....thanks for the encouragement...

  13. I've never had any problems Frenchie taking my babies to the spa after sprucing them up a bit at home. In fact, my newest bag had a little something on the back (don't know what but it was definately there) and I just took a SMIDGE of neutral Meltonian on a soft cloth and wiped it clean in just that spot, buffed it and it looks FAB!

    On the corners.......use black Meltonian (if the bag is black, of course) and put a dot on a soft cloth and rub it into the spot that needs the touch-up. Just a dot. Then buff like you would a pair of shoes only not as hard. You want the color to stay. And you'll see......those corners will spruce up nicely!