Caring for an older dog and teeth cleaning...

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  1. I have a 14, almost 15 yr old Maltese that needs to go in for teeth cleaning. He's really healthy, no issues except that he's kinda hard of hearing. I'm a little nervous about him being under anesthesia although the vet has said it is really safe. Should I take him in? He does have tartar buildup.
  2. I've known dogs older than yours who have gone under to get their teeth scaled. After your dog gets it done, you'll need to prevent further buildup. Consult your vet and he/she will advise you properly about any dangers with general anesthetic and preventative measures for tartar buildup. Good doggy dental health is important, so all the best to you and your dog's health and happiness.
  3. I know I'm just being silly. In the back of my mind I'm thinking what if he doesn't wake up. but I know that won't happen. thanks necro ... ;)
  4. He will be just fine... My DH works at an animal hospital and in the MANY years he has worked there they have only had one animal die while getting their teeth cleaned. They found out that the dog was VERY sick and would have died very soon even if they did not have the teeth cleaned.

    Sammy my older dog who is 11 gets his teeth cleaned at least once even sometimes twice a year. It is VERY VERY safe.
  5. It will probably make you feel better if your vet runs pre-anesthetic bloodwork; it's an easy way to check the liver, kidneys, etc.
  6. This is an excellent point.

    OP, I totally understand your concern. We are having our eldest beagle's teeth done this year (she will be 12 this summer). They definitely need to be done but it makes me very nervous -- I'm a total worry wart and was a nervous wreck last year when we had our 5 year old beagle's teeth done, lol. However, have a good long talk with your vet about it and how they will care for your dog. This helped me a lot (our vet told me about how they will monitor her very careful, do bloodwork ahead of time, she'll have warm water bottles surrounding her for when she comes out of anesthesia, etc).

    Best of luck! I think vet visits are usually harder on us than it is on them. ;)
  7. few years ago I made the mistake of picking him up early. He went in for cleaning and they had to extract 3 teeth and I just felt really anxious to pick him up. he was still a little wobbly and loopy when I got him and seeing him like that just made me really sad.
    (silly I know).
    then lately I'm noticing some changes in him that also make me kinda sad. I came home one day and I saw Ty sleeping on the couch and he didn't know that I had come home. I called him but he was in deep sleep so I had to go physically touch him to wake him up. :sad: just things like that I'm noticing lately have me in a state. but I know he needs it and it's really safe. I'm also just being a worrywart wordbox. :smile:
  8. L&M, you're a worrywart because you care.
    When's your dog getting his teeth scaled? Have you booked a day/time yet?
  9. I haven't made an appt yet, he just had his bloodwork as part of his wellness exam and everything looks good. just need to take him in. =)
  10. ^ Well, all the best for when he gets it done. :smile: