Caring for an LV....

  1. Hi, everyone. Well, after browsing eBay and obsessing, I finally decided to pay the extra dollars and just order a Mono Speedy 30 from eluxury to be sure I got the real deal! The bag is on the way, but my question is, what should I know about caring for the bag? Can I carry it right away, or should I let it sit in the sun to get the Patina?

    Also, what do you all do about the rain? I'm assuming you don't spray it with anything. I'm not planning on being an avid collector (well...not yet, anyway), so I want this bag to stay beautiful.... Thanks for all your help!
  2. Hi ashmi99! Congrats on ordering your new LV!!

    As far as the patina goes...I guess its your own personal preference. Some people like the dark patina, and others like it lighter. I don't think you should worry about it. The patina will develop as it ages.

    The vachetta leather does get dirty easily, so I would be careful with it. Some people here use protetor sprays like Shining Monkey (actually a car fabric/leather protector) or Kiwi on the vachetta to waterproof it and keep it from getting messed up. These sprays do allow the leather to breath, so the patina process will still happen. Hope this helps!
  3. oh forgot to mention...

    If you run a search for Shining Monkey in this forum, you'll find lots of threads on how to use it and other useful hints on protecting the vachetta! :yes:
  4. ^^^good advice...the canvas doesn'y need any care, other than maybe a wipe down once in awhile.

    Me, personally, I do spay any vachetta with what ever protector I have on hand....usually kiwi (because they carry it at the gracoery store), and I think does help.

  5. The Shining Monkey spray is great!
  6. and there you have it!
    all i would liek to add is keeping baby wipes on hand to wipe the outside (BUT NEVER THE HANDLES) down in case of a mess, or for the interior in case of messy emergency.

  7. i've used baby wipes on the handles of both my bags and it never hurt it ?
  8. omg me too. I have used baby wipes a couple of times and it got whatever stains that were there out. Yikes....should we not be doing this???
  9. I also use Wilson's leather spray and the lotion conditioner. Apply lotion first and then I spray the whole bag (yes, even Vernis).

    Congrats! tres exciting.
  10. another woman here said she keeps her vuitton in the dustbags & then in the box bc this slows down oxidation...

    the sa's told me to always keep it in the dustbag when not in use....its so hard for me though bc i love to look just look at them in my closet...they also told me to never let it get wet, so i personally would never take out them out in the rain

    and they told me to once a year use a leather conditioner, they recommended the one they sell at coach
  11. I just got my Mono 30 today from elux :smile: yey! I am not handling it until I get the protect spray as I don't want dirty handles! I plan on not taking it out in rainy weather (good thing we don't have a lot of rain in Texas :smile: ) until it has some patina established on it.
  12. Congrats, great choice- forget eBay risking a FAKE that looks oh so real and purchasing through ELUX! You can't go wrong with ELUX...I live in the Midwest and although we haven't had much of a winter here, I have a Batignolles Horizontal which is about 2 mos old - I do NOT take it out in the rain, nor will I take it out in the SNOW until the patina has darkened -but that's just me....As much as I want the patina to darken - I am enjoying my BH as it is and I know you will love your Speedy and use it often - congrats and enjoy!
  13. Some of the memberts here have used baby wipes to clean already established patinaed handles with amazing results. You just shouldn't use them on new vachetta.
  14. What's the best way to clean canvas?
  15. Thank you all for your responses! So, it sounds like I SHOULD spray it with a leather protectant. I have always done that with my Coach bags. I will check out that spray that you all recommend.

    Things may get tricky as I plan on moving to Seattle in September....ouch!!