Caring for a Montego and other 'newbie' questions!

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  1. I'm sure this is covered somewhere, so I'll apologize in advance.......

    This is my first 'coated-canvas' bag, my others are all regular ole canvas or leather. What's the best way to store and care for her? I'm scared to death of her white stripe getting all cruddy reading stuff on tpf..........:s

    Another retarded 'newbie' question.....what/when are these elusive sales everyone is saving up for and referring to that have coupons? :confused1: I must start saving for these ;)

  2. I'm not sure of all the sales but I know most of us are waiting for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I think one is in May and the other is in July.

    I think the coupons that you read most of us referring to are the ones that Off 5th emails for 20% or 30% off.

    Other than that, I'd like to know about other sales too!!
  3. I also have a newbie query. I'll be in Toronto this weekend, I've been told Holt Renfrew carries L.A.M.B., would anyone know if the selection is better at the Bloor St. location or at Yorkdale Shopping Mall? Maybe they're available somewhere else. Please help, I feel an obsession coming on.