Caring for a Chloe python bag.

  1. Hi again :wlae:

    Now that I won a python silverado, I was wondering what products should I use to care for it? Or what can I do to prevent the scales from drying out? or peeling off :wtf:

    Any suggestions would be soooo helpful. TIA :flowers:
  2. I wouldn't use anything on it DG - you could maybe treat the leather part of the bag but not the python.
  3. That's right. If you put anything on the python skin, it will soak under the scales and cause them to lift and flake off. So don't treat the python with anything, and don't let it get wet.
  4. OH dang, thanks ladies!!! :flowers:

    I didn't know python was that delicate.

    Is it python only or any snake skin??
  5. Any snakeskin. That's why if you want to "invest" in an exotic skin, croc is the way to go and it's sooo expensive.
  6. ohhhhhhhh, now i get it. Thanks for the tutorial Greendrv :flowers:. I'm always learning so much from your posts, seriously :yes:, especially about Fendi... you're sooo fashion savvy!!!
  7. Awww, thanks! :flowers: I'm always learning something new around tpf too, so the knowledge exchange is super rampant here. :yes: