Caring for a Calf Hair Bag?

  1. I done some consulting for Hindmarch recently on their hair bag, due to balding issues and we looked at a fixing spray. They will work to an extent, but unless something is done at the tanning stage its difficult.

    can you send pictures?
  2. I am SO glad I read this thread...I was just on the edge of dropping over 1K on a Coach calfhair legacy bag and would have probably lost my mind if the hair wore off. Disaster avoided!
  3. Is there anything I can spray a calf hair with to protect it? I have some calf hair on my Jimmy Choo bag and I want to treat the bag before I use it.
  4. Any "Hair-on" leather is difficult to maintain and an amount of hair loss is normal, particularly on any folded parts of the bag, as the leather is stressed and causes the hair to loosen. you can keep it clean but the key is not to get it too wet as this also causes hair loss. The best thing is to use a fabric protector to stop staining and use with a degree of care.
  5. thank you for your advice. What brand protectant do you recommend? I usually use Meltonian or Apple - do you recommend anything else?

  6. I wouldnt use either of those myself. They are not designed for handbags. Id go for either the LMB range in the US or the The Handbag Spa products in Europe. I know of the owners of both companies and they are both specialists in handbag restoration and have specific product formulas for handbags.

    hope this helps.
  7. Thanks - I've never heard of LMB - the other brands are what the more upscale shoe repair places I've been to in NYC have recommended.

    Is this the one I should get?

  8. Yes, the lovin my bags is the one i'd recommend. In fairness to the shoe stores anywhere in the world, they are pretty clueless when it comes to leather care, as are the manufacturers themselves. They are interested in one thing - selling the bags! selling a $20 bottle of product versus a $5000 bag is an easy choice for them.

    Its rare that you find real care advice beyond the realms of the leather finishing / repair industry, which is where you'll get the appropriate product for handbags, not a generic product like meltonian, lexol or other brands. The generic stuff is much too heavy and/or harsh for delicate leathers.

    Hope it helps.
  9. Does anyone know if colour transfer is possible on the calf hair?
  10. Any new products to spray on calf hair bags to help to smooth or protect the calf hair area?
  11. Oh how I feel you! I got the large Valentino Shanghai lady in red (link below) and its stunning! The problem is it now have 2 large bald patches and I am so cross. Not sure what to do :sad: