caring for a bag with light scratches?

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  1. so i recently got a sasha petal to the metal and love it. however, i bought it used so it's in mint condition and not new and there are some tiny marks on it.

    how should i take care of it? will using a conditioner help get the marks off? do you recommend apple guard or products

    any advice would be appreciated!
  2. i'll clarify-- the marks are more like light scratches NOT ink marks or discolorations
  3. Welcome, sail_away.

    Could you take photos of the scratches? It might give the ladies here a better idea of what you're working with.

    And what colour is your bag?
  4. i got it in rust! i'll take pictures later tonight
  5. also, i'm really scared of dye transfer, so i won't be wearing it until i treat it with something!
  6. Sail, the scratches on your bag is in due part to the leather used. Leather moisturizer will take away a majority of the surface scratches but definitely not all of them. Expect to have a bag with a more "vintage" look to it as you use it. It's such a cool bag and looks great on everyone who I've seen it on. Congrats!
  7. yeah, the leather is so soft! i won't mind if it starts to look more "vintage" because the design fits it so well!
    can you recommend any moisturizers? thanks for your help!
  8. Many ladies here use either Apple or Cadillac.
    I use Danier (a Canadian leather company) cause that's all I have access too).
  9. [​IMG]

    here's a picture of what the markings look like. the light makes it look like it's a more serious problem than it really is. hopefully some will go away when i clean/condition it?
  10. Those look like it could blend back into the leather if you use some conditioner. the scratches don't look too deep. good luck!
  11. The leather used for the PTTM line seems prone to these kinds of superficial scratches. When I owned a Sasha, I used Cadillac and was able to eliminate most of these signs of wear.