Caring and repairing for a metallic bag?

  1. I recently purchased a leather metallic bag from Neiman Marcus. it was 40% off and was the last one left. However - there are some noticeable scartch marks.

    How do you care for metallic bags in general? ANd has anyone had any luck in brining in metallic bags to purse repairer? TIA
  2. I've just recently learned that the metallic bags do "wear away". They will get marks, or scratches that can't be fixed. It's inherent in the metallic coating. I just bought a Jimmy Choo Bronze Ring on sale and was told that about my bag. The metallics are gorgeous but apparently don't wear as well as straight leather. I haven't checked with Barbara at Lovin' My Bags but maybe she has an answer for it. Good luck.
  3. These are my concerns as well! So far I have only purchased a Michael Kors Austin metallic tote in the pewter color for everyday. It is primarily a fabric (nylon?) with leather accents. I had my shoe guy place some feet on the bottom (I do this will all my bags to extend thier lives) as well as a bottom stiffener inserted and I love this bag!! He did tell me tho that the silver bags he gets in for repairs do peel and don't wear well at all. I SO want a stunning silver bag but I'm too much of a cheapskate to risk a short life span on an really expensive bag. I'm just terrified of the potential scratching and peeling!
  4. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be used on metallic leather bags to protect it? I'd love to hear. Thanks.
  5. Metallic bags are pigment finishes much the same as any regular handbag. The pigment is dispersed in a PU top coat, so they are in fact more durable than an unfinished leather bag, like a chanel for example.

    They can be repaired, but colour matching is difficult as there are no matching tools that work on metallics, so it has to be blended by eye. So you either need a really experienced tech or the bag will need a complete refinish, rather than a localised repair.

    You can use a normal protector on metallics.
  6. metallics can be easily scratched
  7. Actually I have a metallic Chanel lambskin bag that has a coating on it that makes it feel almost suede-like (but it's not suede). The metallic finish on top changes the texture to appear suede-like. I also have a metallic Chanel caviar leather bag. Do you have any suggestions on what might be safe to use for a protector for these two bags? Thank you for your consideration.
  8. It sounds like the metallic flakes in the pigment are larger than normal metallics which will alter the feel, as you say making it feel suede like. For this I would suggest using a straight forward flurocarbon protector like THBS waterstop or Applegard (this is the oly apple product i would recommend). I believe LMB have a straight forward flurocarbon protector too.

    If the other bag feels like a normal leather, then you can use the protectors i suggested earlier.
  9. Thank you very much LeatherDoc!! :smile:
  10. I have to say that I have no idea whether the metallic makes any difference to the durability of the coating. I have seen some custom work on automotive seating and that was pretty durable, but whether it changes the chemistry i have no clue.
  11. Hello... any recommendations for removing the scratched looking stains (not shiny) on my metallic MK? It's less than a week, I'm not sure why it becomes like that... Metallic bags are really hard to maintain! They can't resist wear & tear? Thanks.
  12. Can anyone tell me if you can use Apple conditioner to clean a stain from a light metallic bag? Or can anyone suggest what to use please?