Caridee America's Latest Top Model

  1. SOOOOO glad she won!
  2. Can't see it.
  3. Hmm theres a link and now an attachment, Hope this works ! :p
  4. cute
  5. she looks great on the cover! i'm glad she won instead of melrose
  6. Didn't follow the show...but she looks great!
  7. I actually like Melrose and I don't think she was a ***** I think people misinterpreted her and the show twisted her image. I didn't really like Caridee and I think the cover could of been better but it its seventeen. I like more dramatic and creative covers.
  8. Ugh, i still like Melrose should have won. Whattteevverrr :shrugs:
  9. i totally agree with sammy doll and minnie

    melrose should've won

    pulled that stick out of his ass? come on!
  10. I agree that Melrose should have won
  11. Me too. I thought Melrose looked haggard

  12. I :love::love: Loved Caridee! I'm so glad she won! Melrose just bugged me, but she did take a good picture! It was definitely a hard choice!
    Did you guys see how Caridee performed in the final fashion show!? I was seriously LMAO!
  13. She fits perfectly for that magazine!
  14. awwww...she looks great!