Caribbean trip next week, downtown or muse?

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  1. i am new to ysl i got the OS croc muse in black patent and i am in LOVE with it! and now i am looking for my next one...getting my feet wet reading all your great posts!
    have mostly marc jacobs bags but for this special trip would love to bring a ysl !

    what do you think is good for plane to carib.....i was looking at
    Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Medium Raffia Tote

    or can i get away with my black muse???
    never saw the downtown in person anyone have it?

    any other ideas? thanks for welcoming me!...
  2. wow - I love that raffia bag! There was a mombasa bag like that that I have always wanted. But the shiny patent would look great on your vacation too.
    I'm no help, both are great choices.
  3. I think the Rafia would be a better choice for a Caribbean trip since it's got more of a "casual" spring vacation vibe. But the Muse is beautiful!

    Are you going for casual look or a little more "formal"--that's what I'd use to make up my mind, i.e. Rafia = Casual and Muse = Formal.

    Have a great time!
  4. Wow, i've never seen that bag before, is it new for 2008?
    I love it, you should go for it !!!
  5. I love the downtown!
  6. the downtown would be perfect!
  7. thanks i am waiting patiently for the downtown to arrive! does anyone have it in raffia? looks great can't wait to see it IRL
  8. glad you picked the downtown! I think it will be perfect for your trip!
  9. I definitely think the Downtown is a great choice for traveling and will be perfect for the Caribbean. I've never seen the raffia in person, so I'd love to see pictures of yours once it arrives! And have a great time on your trip! :beach:
  10. thank you soooooooooo much yes i am agreeing......i will get it tomorrow according to fedex i am so excited!
    will take pix and post

    thank you soooo much for good wishes!
  11. I saw the rafia at the outlets. Its pretty great. You'll love it.
  12. The raffia is gorgeous! Good choice, Ginger!:yes:
  13. thank you so much sweetie! i take your advice FOR SURE ...after all YOU are the one who got me into this ...helping me get my gorgeous croc patent os muse (i love her!)

    have to watch tv..pacing hoping fedex comes ...maybe tomorrow

    by the way....mentioning 'outlets' where are they? give me the scoop!
  14. There is an outlet at Woodbury commons here in NY. It usually has several muses, tributes and downtowns, plus a few of the other bags, but less of them lately. and clothes too! I almost got a cropped ysl rain swingcoat at bergdorf the other day, but came to my senses, as this trend is not worthy of a $2k coat! (I got one at kenneth cole for 60!:smile:

    But the outlets always have some fun stuff! They had a canvas downtown there too. Probably gone by now with cruise season well underway!
  15. Gingerita

    Was at the outlets today, got an ivory calfskin medium and a large khaki canvas downtown. Together was under $1300! BUT< wanted to tell you they have the exact bag you have pictured above there. The medium is $479 there. The large is like 549. THey have the brown leather accents or the ivory leather accents...If you paid alot more, might be worth a trip up to Woodbury commons to get it for alot less (and get something else too!) Just a fyi...