Carib vacation next week...what should i take!?

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  1. ok so what what do i take
    it is a short one 5 nights but want to look good it is a very posh resort and will be going along with high end jewelry designers going to different other posh resorts meeting with clothing and jewelry buyers etc... so bags will be noticed !!and at dinner tooo...yikes! and the owner of one of the resorts will be on the plane down with me! hope i am sitting alone i will be too nervous.... sept will be two weeks with husband so then i can bring more things with me..
    this is short so just a few key pieces will be great plus don't want too heavy suitcase since husband isn't with me to CARRY LOLOLOL

    i have my hudsons ....maybe TEAL for plane? or the white hudson? that would be my real bag for the week and have an elliott lucca canvas beach tote with teal design on the beige that might be nice tooo....but too much to carry....and won't be wearing at same time so will leave that home
    was going to take the ysl muse patent because it is so lightweight but black is too dark for there no?

    beach will be ...i don't know ....drawing a blank i am forgetting what i haveee
    ok calm down...
    i have my SUN yellow pouchette to put inside my multi color nylong beach bag is that good? or that can also be for night i wear a lot of black and white and cream

    was going to bring my fendi baby zucca for night but too dark no? same with mbmj posh chocolate that for night no?
    need color ....
    lovely behati and other things in nice tan still too heavy no?

    stella in black...the good one....maybe should just take that ....

    nylon cosmetic and tate in black

    also have bcbg hot pink chain bag tiny one for night..

    might have to check zappos

  2. Ooh so many lovely options to bring to paradise!
    I think you should post some eye candy photos to help us decide!! Stella's probably the most practical though because it's roomy and has the zip top.

    Hudson would be good too but I imagine (and have nothing other than that to back me up since I've never seen one irl) that it is heavier on its own.
  3. Though if you're not against taking a black bag, I'd take the Muse because it is so versatile. This is the problem with traveling. I want to bring all of the bags!
  4. oh thank you hon for posting so fast i feel better! lolol

    ok ....yes i agree about muse it is so like a feather and smoochy but do you think black patent smosshy is ok for caribbean...actually it is springlike so why not...

    teal hudson is not too bad...dying to take that one and break it in...white is wayyyyyyyyy to clean to take through airport and customs no way that stays home for church on sunday and weddings lolol

    ok will post pix

  5. Gorgeous!! Will it fit over your shoulder? Customs and security can be such a hassle that I always make sure I have a shoulder bag so that I can keep it together during those stressful moments.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. [​IMG]
    THAT IS THE lightweight muse

    HERE is the PEET MARJ JACOBS in lilac
  8. since you're going to the caribbean, you should bring a colorful bag. my vote goes to either the teal hudson or the lilac peet. definitely bring the mbmj sun pouchette. that bag is cute and it would be perfect for the evenings. sounds like you're gonna have a blast!
  9. or just the fire red faridah
  10. GREAT POINT hon.....this is what i have to on my way home from work so will see what is most comfortable and YES shoulder is a must!

    that narrows it down for the plane bag
  11. your yellow MBMJ's are pretty for outdoor socials.
  12. Are you going to be doing a lot of walking around? If so, weight might be an issue. Maybe try putting some things into the hudson and try a dry run. I really like the lilac peet and think it would be good for travel. I also like the baby spy. I tend to bring lightweight bags when I travel. Have fun!!
  13. Ooh, I think the Lilac Peet would be perfect, actually!
  14. That teal hudson is profoundly stylish. The lilac peet is beautiful, that for the plane I think, the hudson for dress up time.
    No black bags for this trip.
  15. My vote is for the teal Hudson!!!! If you need a second bag, go with the lilac Peet. Have fun! Sounds like a very posh time! ;)