cargo-y tote... yay or nay?

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  1. Absolute Nay and hey, aren't you on a bag ban? Silly! Gotta learn to look and admire. It can give an even bigger rush!;)
    This one would be a better choice! :graucho:<>prd_id=845524446365769&FOLDER<>folder_id=282574492710963&bmUID=iIgqa91&ev19=1:2&site_refer=AFF001&siteID=2NiQlWh66zk-xScgzH316OvHIDdXjLDMCg&LScreativeid=1&LSlinkid=10&LSoid=203719&LSsid=2NiQlWh66zk

  2. i'm not buying NOW!!! just daydreaming for down the road!

    thanks for the nay :smile:

    PS. if i find an AWESOME MILITARY/ARMY/CAMO bag... that is excluded from my ban :smile:
  3. nay! the MbMJ one is better!