CARGO Cosmetics?

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  1. Has anyone tried them? I bought some of the gloss today. I was curious as to reviews/opinions. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I bought their lipgloss a couple of years ago, the ones in the circle tins with 2 colors and I loved it! Speaking of... thanks for reminding me because I love their lipgloss, it's light and not too sticky for your lips. My favorite combo is SAN FRAN
  3. I'm wearing it and you're right, it's not sticky AT ALL!
  4. Big fan of Cargo- possibly because we don't have it in the UK (well, not in most places) so when i came to miami i was v.excited about the lindsay lohan lipstick. not that i'm a fan of lilo (only secretly) but the colour is so cute.
    made my mum get the lindsay gift set for me when she was in new york :love:
    i also have a few eyeshadows
  5. I was just given two sets of lip glosses from them and I think they are awesome. I love their shades. My sister also just fell in love with Cargo.
  6. I've never tried their lip gloss, but I can tell you that their eye shadows are terrific and their bronzer is superb!
  7. I have the blush in Sunset Beach and it's a very pretty, sheer color.
  8. Cargo bronzer is one of my beauty staples-- love it! I used to have a Cargo lipbalm and I didn't like the taste of it, but it worked well.
  9. i've always wanted to try those tins of lip gloss, maybe now i will!
  10. i was recommended by an SA of their lipgloss just waiting til my next paycheck, i am also going to by their eye shadow in windsor. Aren't they the ones that make those smoky eye thing? its a powder and liner...
  11. Cargo gloss rocks! I love the quad tins that they sometimes have available at sephora. You can try four shades this way!

    Their gloss is among my favorites.
  12. I love their glosses too! They have really nice eyeshadows; one of my favorites in called Yukon. It's a very nice brown/grey with little shimmer flecks in it. It's really lovely on.
  13. I am going to sound like Debbie Downer here, but I was not a fan of the HD collection. I actually took it back to Sephora....its not that it was bad, but I didn't see how it was any different than any other powder,blush or mascara. Also, the HD lipgloss (there were four colors) all looked the same....clear. I also just bought the Texas Big Lash...its good but brush and product seem just like Lash Injection. The HD line is all that I have tried from Cargo (beside the mascara), but it sounds like the lipgloss ROCKS...I LOVE lipgloss!! Maybe I'll give that a try!!
  14. I use their 3 color lip gloss pallette and like it but it seems not to last too long. I tried with eye shadow and didn't like it, no holding power what-so-ever (my skin is on the oily side).
  15. Their blushes are awesome!