Careful Shopping With Cash In My Bag

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  1. I almost sent a Chanel minauderie to Cash in my bag but decided to read their Yelp reviews before sending it in. Which, were not favorable. I had a hunch to call the company to let them know I'd be using my own label. I was then informed after I had received my quote they would need my original receipt of the bag in order to provide me the amount. However, I had already printed my label and packing slip and this was never disclosed. I spoke to the manager Michael and he told me it was in their FAQ's, to which I couldn't find it. One of their employees hung up on me and was extremely rude. I am still in disbelief by the poor level of service received.
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  2. I wanted to revive this thread and share my bad experience. I recently sent them a bag, like new. They sent me a label and I sent it off. They receive it and say that the bag isn't as described and send me pics of the "damage". I don't see what they see but either way I ask them what my new quote will be and they gave me half price of their original quote! And I say "that's fine I understand if you choose not to purchase it for the price you originally agreed to, but I don't agree with that price, especially since yoogis closet offered me more". She then had the nerve to argue with me about it, and said "they aren't going to offer you more, have you ever sold something to them". And I said "yes I've never had this issue with them I'm sure they will take it no problem, please ship it back to me". She then continues to argue with me more and talk to me as if I don't know what I'm talking about!! I just said "this isn't worth arguing with you about, please just send it back".

    Beware! Working with this site was a waste of time, energy, and money!!
    They get you in with a high quote but then slash it in half upon receiving the item hoping you will agree to it. I have sold to fashionphile, yoogis closet, and bag borrow and steal and have never had any problems with the condition of my bags!
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  3. That is crazy! I hope you get your bag back safely!
  4. :eek: What a nightmare! :shocked:
  5. I did but they didn't pack it away with care, the flap was bent and they didn't even require a signature confirmation for the package so my $2000 bag was just out there so someone to steal while also baking in the sun. I'm furious and will never work with them again.
  6. Wow! That is terrible customer service! It sucks that your bag wasn't packaged properly but at least you got it back. :smile:
  7. That site is a ripoff and they are known to give out low quotes. I know an individual who is local to the area they are located, she has clued me in on a few things with this company. I would never do business with them, plus they seem to never have any good merchandise anyway and what you may be interested in is always overpriced.
  8. This is really surprising! I have both bought and sold with Cash in My Bag and had fairly easy and pleasant transactions! I would not hesitate to recommend them. I recently purchased by second Hermes Garden Party from them and could not be happier!
  9. I don't recommend them.
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  10. I asked about a Certificate of Authenticity and I caught them lying about their authentication process. Here's the transcript from our Facebook conversation:

    Me: Does this bag come with a certificate of authenticity? If so, from whom?

    Cash in My Bag: Good morning! Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in this piece. Unfortunately, this piece does not include the authenticity card. We have our team of appraisers work with every item before listing. We also get all of our pieces authenticated by a 3rd party authentication company called ****************** and Entrupy.

    Me: Sorry, to be a stickler but this is a lot of money. Which of these two companies did you use to authenticate this item?

    Cash in My Bag: We understand your concern. Our appraisers often time use both before listing the pieces on the site.

    Me: I'm asking specifically for this item's authentication process. How do you know that this particular bag is real? I'm sorry if I seem annoyed, but you're being very vague about a $5000 handbag.

    Cash in My Bag: This listing was authenticated in house by our trained specialist that have worked with and studied each designer thoroughly. Please note, we are a reputable company that has sold over 10K items on eBay alone and not one has been deemed as non authentic.

    Me: Earlier you said "We also get all of our pieces authenticated by a 3rd party authentication company". Clearly, that wasn't true and I'm doubting you have trained specialists, either. I've read your reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and other forums and I'm sorry but you're not a reputable company, which is why I inquired about a COA in the first place. I've contacted ****************** and Entrupy. Entrupy acknowledged your occasional use of their services, but they advised me not to buy this bag without a COA. Thanks for your quick responses, but I have serious doubts about the authenticity of this item and the trustworthiness of Cash in My Bag as a whole. Enjoy your weekend.

    If you check their eBay feedback, they don't have any negatives for the past year so their rating isn't effected. But some older negatives do accuse them of selling fakes. There's also a review on Yelp that was removed and it accuses them of selling her a fake as well.