Careful: new scarves faked

  1. Definitely faked:
    Vif Argent in black
    Balles de Golf in lightblue
    En Duo in white with reddish/yellowish bands

    Sorry no pic any longer for Balles de Golf but I am sure there will be a new one soon.
  2. i'm new to scarves, can you tell me how you know they are fake? okay the white paper in the second one looks off but what about the first one?
  3. Wow! How can you tell they are faked? I'd be curious to know, too.

  4. Go to the French site of, look at the originals which are still posted there and then compare.
  5. This is ironic...eBay actually has a guide on authentic Hermes scarves. It helped me.

    ****I reported that fake Evelyne2X!!!!!!!*****
  6. <<<SIGH>>>

    I loved the ribbons, but since it wasn't as complicated as some of the others I KNEW it wouldn't be long. Thanks for the heads up Hello. Scary thing is, when people take their stuff for gold and never check it and give the faker positive feedback!!

    Or I suppose they could just be a scam circle populating each others feedback with positives to attract the rest of us...

    I need a cookie. That always sux. :cursing:
  7. I think most people genuinely have no clue how to tell fakes from the real thing and therefore give positive feedback.
  8. Thanks for this thread hello2703.
    I am so glad for tpf; I'm sure it has saved me countless times!
  9. oh my..fake scarves as well!!
  10. imo, eBay is scary and very tempting at the same time:sad:
  11. Thank you so much for posting the fakes - I am still learning so much!
  12. Vif Argent in orange/grey has also been faked.
    Balle d'Equestre in blue and possibly in green also.