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  1. Hiya,
    I dont know much about schooling in the US as im from the UK but was wondering if anybody could give me any much needed information.

    As of next september i want to attend university/further education, to begin with i was going to study in a city near me but have begun to think wider afield - such as the US.

    The subject i want to study is not very popular here in the UK, its Sports Psychology and i wanted to know if it was a subject that was easy to find in the US or if it was easy to gain employment in that field of work.

    Any help you could give me would be sooo helpful to me.

    Thanks so much for any replies

    Hannah xxx
  2. aww thank you soo much! any information really helps. xx
  3. Gucci girl GG,
    I earned a doctorate in clinical psych from UCLA many moons ago. My emphasis at that time was sports psych. I did a lot of cool stuff, like worked with the USC football team, the US olympic team, went to Korea and Barcelona, went to Sierra Leone on a doc exchange program and worked with their track team. That said, the sport psych craze died down a bit around the mid 1990's. Meaning, every team every athlete no longer had a shrink and so on. So easy jobs in that area are not as available, and I even had some good connections when I was out there. I switched to forensics when I saw the future. I think combining the psych with sport med and trying to figure out a niche is a good idea, but I would also suggest that you find someone out here who is able to mentor your career so that you don't end up spending a lot of time earning a graduate degree that you can's use..:rant: If you need more info feel free to PM me.
  4. thanks irishgal
    I knew sports psy wasnt an easy field to get jobs in and i also know that many people struggle to make a full time living out of it which is a shame because as a huge sports fan its something im very interested in and i wont loose that.

    Theyre all just options at the moment but as im going into my second year of 6th form (age 17/18) and half way through my courses its hard to do anything about the subjects im doing unless i repeat the year and change the whole of my life plan, which would be a bummer.
    I dont know what else i would be interested in doing though :sad:
    urgh why cant i just manage england footie team or something easy haha!