careers in the animal industry.

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  1. HELLO!!!!

    Do you work in the animal world? if so what do you do? do know of different kinds of jobs in the animal world?

    i love animals so i am looking for a career shift:

    what i know about:
    vet tech
    animal cop
    zoo keeper

    i know there are more.
  2. I'm an animal (zoo) keeper. theres a whole mess of things pertaining to wildlife that you can get into.

    animal control
    forest ranger
    animal behavior
    shelter manager
  3. wow, i am REALLY interested in animal behavior, what does an animal behaviorist do?
  4. study animal behavior. you can specialize in a species or teach or train, etc.
  5. wigglytuff...where are you located? The ASPCA in NY has lots of different job openings.
  6. A friend of mine is studying animal homeopathy... I don't know much about it but she seems to love it as she loves animals and helping them.
  8. I am studying animal behaviour - specifically feline. I've learned sooo much (this, from somebody who was pretty confident she knew pretty much all there was to know about cats! :smile: ) Have you considered doing voluntary work at a shelter? I've been doing that for almost a year now and the things I've learned there are just invaluable.
    Good luck!
  9. How cool! What do you plan to do?