Careers in General!!

  1. :graucho:

    Soooo, I'm curious as to what motivates/d you guys into choosing your career! Come in and share!!

  2. Well, I was motivated by a paycheck. :smile: I got fired from a municipal job which was a blessing in disguise. I love the company I work for now and have worked there for 6 years +. I just have to be busy though. And I love to be challenged. Otherwise I get bored and start slacking off.

    And I don't really count my jewelry as a's my super fun off work activity. :smile:
  3. Money im a greedy one I tell you

    Hee hee kidding, although money plays a pretty good role (law school loans you know) I have to really feel interested, challenged, learning new stuff all that not stagnant I guess
  4. I think that not being stagnant, being challenged hehe (reason why I decided to go to LS)
  5. Money, to be honest. To have the life me and my family deserves. I know to some people this may sound very shallow, but I am being honest. My mom (single mom) was a Refugee so when she came here to excape the war she had nothing. Worked in a restuarant her whole life so we would be ok ( she actually went back to work a month ater giving birth to me to work in a kitchen as a cook) so because of her determined attitude to make sure we'd be ok and that we had everything possible. Now when I am old enough I feel that she deserves more then now and same with the rest of my siblings who've been with me thourgh every step of the way. So either you can say money or my family..... But its the money that i want my family to have.
  6. I was motivated by my Grandma. She's a nurse (78 y/o and still works:smile: When I was little I would watch her put on her uniform, white shoes and cap and she would always tell such interesting stories about helping people. I loved it and wanted to be just like her so I became a nurse too. Can't imagine doing anything else.

  7. I wanted to be a doctor - and save the world! Until I went to med school and realised that it just wasn't my cuppa tea. Became a lawyer in the end. The money's better too.
  8. Well now, I'm with the same company that hired me over 32 years ago - er ... it was the first employer who actually wished to hire me! Rejection slips came flying in from other prospective employers, some didn't even deign to reply :sad: So I didn't choose this "career" - general dogsbody :biggrin: - it kinda choose me.
  9. excellent question... What really motivated me was that all my friends started graduating and i still hadn't completed anything!
    At the age of 18... well i had NO clue what i wanted to do for a career so when i finished High School i just went to Uni and basically buggered around for 2 years and then in my 3rd year of Uni i started to panic about what to do for the rest of my life :lol: so i did a pharmacy course... so everything works out... i'm pretty happy NOW :amuse:Everyday when i'm at work, im movtivated by my students as they really make my grey matter work over time - i really want them (the students) to get the best education that the Uni can offer!
    So now... my students motivate me... HA HA! Some days i could just burn down the lab - with them all in it!!! LOVE TO HATE them!!! hehehehe!
  10. I do what I love and encourage my child to do the same when she gets older. To me, it's more about being happy than anything else. I'm not the type to be stuck in a miserable job - no matter how much it pays. I've done that and hated it. I'm way too free spirited.
  11. I love the dynamics of my field (i'm a doctor)- things/ medicine is always changing, patients are always changing. Every day isn't exactly like the day before. Plus it does feel pretty good when you can impact someone's life. Now that being said, I did look into other things while in college and somehow I just ended up ocming back to medicine, even though the pay and lifestyle isn't as good as some other careers.
  12. Wow funny I'm a lawyer but have been having *crazy* thoughts about becoming a Dr. I was pre-med in college then had a change of heart, now I envy how fulfilled the docs in my family are, sigh I'm confused :idea:
  13. Originally I had intended on working in public relations or marketing, focusing on the arts, either through the actual organizations or there are a few specialty firms that focus on non-profits... but then I realized I hated working with the media! Now I'm in fundraising and it actually is quite similar, except my audience is the general public, not the media.

    I think the choice to working in the arts was natural. I have always loved museums, dance, theater, architecture... I was probably the lone 12 yr old that dragged her parents to a Monet exhibit and not the other way around:smile:It just took me a little while to figure out where my place was in those organizations. I may not be in the most lucrative field, but I really do enjoy it. I'm only 23 so right now I'm doing a lot of grunt work, but I've learned so much and I'm looking forward to my role growing.
  14. After 17 years in healthcare as a forensic psychologist I am actually thinking of leaving the field and doing something totally unrelated.
  15. I am motivated by the changes I can make to enhance people's personal surroundings. I'm an Interior Designer.