Career Woman....

  1. I am a CA / CPA and work for an accounting firm. I used to love it but lately I have been really bored. Thinking of a career change.

    What do you do for a living? What are your careers or future careers.

    Are you happy with your choice for career? Who / What inspired your career choice?
  2. I just got my bachelor's degree and am now doing a paralegal certification program. I should be done with that in May.

    Law and Order:SVU inspired my career choice!

    LOL just always kinda appealed to me:smile:
  3. I'm currently working at a pre-school but it's not going to be forever.

    At the moment I'm considering doing an Open University law degree as I loved the subject at school.
  4. You are not alone! I was so bored in my job that I started to REALLY hate it!

    I am in commercial real estate and I am considering going back into retail to manage a business (interview tonight).

    I will be making half of what I used to and working far more hours, but I am really excited about it!! And if it doesn't work out, I can always go back to RE.

  5. I have masters in International Finance, used to be addicted to work.. worked from 7am - 9pm everyday where the official timing was 7am-3pm... i didn't needed to work but i was way too bored from doing nothing.. anyways.. 4yrs of working like a machine, i felt suddenly that i cant do it anymore at the same time i was engaged, got married and now i'm a happy housewife with two beautiful kids :smile:
  6. It's always good to keepo yourself moving around and looking for new challenges.
    I have a BS in Petroleum Engineering and worked for the same company for 8.5 years, I was getting bored, cranky at home, etc. I just blamed it on old age. Then I had a friend tell me about an opening at a different kind of company (still in the oil & gas industry) and I took it... I am so happy! It is totally different than what I had been doing and my learning curve is straight up!

    I am glad I took the risk and got out of a comfortable, but boring, situation and moved on to new challenges and better money (not expected)!
  7. I'm an attorney and I HATED it (which makes the fact that I'm licensed in 3 states all the more ridiculous)!!!! I knew I didn't want to practice law, and I just happened to find a job listing for attorneys to teach at a career/paralegal certification school. Now I teach "General Studies" (7 different humanitites type subjects) at the school. I love what I do, although the school itself has been through some changes and I'm not loving those things lately. But at least now I know what I like to do, so even if I leave this school, I know what direction I want to go!
  8. I've been bored with mine right now but have to wait at least a year. I try to preoccupy myself with other things in life and tiny jobs where I am just to mix it up.
  9. University professor. Very, very happy! Love the university environment...
  10. My degree is in International Marketing and I'm working in marketing/sales for a health care IT company. I've been doing this for 5 years. I decided to go back to school for nursing a couple years ago and will finish my program this december! My main reason for changing career directions was that I wanted to "give back" and feel like I am helping people in my job.
  11. It did for me LOL

    I have a BS in Criminal Justice but I work in Transportation now.
  12. i'm a photo and video producer :P
  13. Hee hee I loooove DA Alex Cabbot! She rocks!

    And Angie Harmon from the original Law and Order:smile:
  14. My degree is in Marketing and I spent many years in banking. It was OK but looooong hours. (Those "banker's hours" I've always heard about are still a mystery to me! :rolleyes: )

    By a complete fluke, I fell into web page design and I am now the webmaster (Goddess of the Web!) for a college. I ADORE and LOVE my job!!! :love: I work odd hours sometimes but am basically left alone and barely answer to anybody. My boss trusts me 1000%. Much of my job is mundane with general upkeep issues but it's so much fun when someone comes to me with an idea and we can get it on our website!

    It also pays very well! :angel:
  15. great thread!