Career Transition---Any ex-teachers?

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm a former high school teacher but I resigned last year due to burn-out. Actually, I think the field was never right for me to begin with.
    Any other ex-teachers on here?
    If so, what field did you decide to go into? How difficult was the transition? Any advice you can give me?
    HUGS :heart:
  2. I sure hope to be an ex-teacher some day. I am still plugging away but totally burned out as well. I am wishing you the best of luck!
  3. My sister retired early as a teacher some years ago - it was either that or go crazy! I hold teachers in the highest regard, so good luck!
  4. I"m jsut starting out but I am now fearful in the classroom that it might not be where I belong.

    I :heart: the education field, but mea s a teacher I'm not so sure :s
  5. OO my can't wait until I retire, 25 years to go!
    Music Teacher
  6. I am in the middle of transitioning out of teaching ... I got my masters in educational technology and am looking for something related to professional development. I would love to hear tips too!
  7. I use to teach high school biology and Science. I presently stay at home and have my own home based business.

    How about working for a museum or zoo? I worked as an Education Coordinator (running school programs) before I became a teacher. All the intereaction with children but no marking!
  8. I'm still teaching but fantasize daily about going into a different field. Deep down I do love it, most people don't realize how stressful of a job it really is.
  9. I actually literally just today took a job as our school's Instructional Technology Specialist. I loved being a classroom teacher but when this opportunity came about I had to take it. To me having classroom experience is an invaluable asset. Some other career possibilities could be grant writing, consulting, curriculum development, etc... you have a lot to offer by having been a teacher! :yes: