Career to SAHM

  1. Did any of you ladies make the decision to give up your career to be a SAHM? How has that decision impact you?

    I am currently in that boat and have decided to make the transition later this year and although I think it is best for my daughter and our family that I be home, I still feel cheated that I have to give up something I have worked so hard for. I also fear that I will be lost, because for so long, who I am was associated with my career accomplishments.

    Please share your thoughts.
  2. I was happy to stop working to become a SAHM. That is always what I wanted to do. In fact, I resigned as soon as I got pregnant. I guess everyone has different feelings towards it but I welcomed it with open arms:yes:
  3. I became a Stay at home mom and it was worth it.I never missed one ounce of my kids growing up.Thats all that counts.Had i worked and missed any of it..It would of been too hard on all of us.
    Just make sure you give yourself one day a week of YOU time.Go out with a gal pal...go shopping by yourself so it doesnt overwhelm YOU.Thats key to being a HAPPY Stay at home mom.Never forget to treat yourself to personal time with no kids!
  4. It might be silly for me to reply on this thread, as I'm only 19 and don't have children yet... however, I totally understand what you're going through... especially when you talk about how your career makes you feel accomplished and how it's important to you.

    I mean... my friends are already talking about how they want to have children and planning ahead.. whereas I'm more unsure especially because I want to have a career and that is really important to me.

    Therefore, I think it's important that you think about your options, and that you do what is best for YOU first. Do you REALLY want to stay at home? How important is your work to you? It's important that you ask yourself these questions and that you answer them honestly. You have to focus on what will make you happier. No matter what, it's always possible to make it work, you just need to know what you want :yes:

    Would it be possible to work part time and take care of your daughter the rest of the time? Maybe that's something you could consider ? :smile:
  5. I agree!!! I'm lucky my hubby only worked 14 days a month, so I had a good amount of time for me and my girlfriends, which keeps a SAHM sane:p
    Good luck w/ whatever you decide. You have to do what is right for you. I've never regretted being home w/ my daughter for a minute. Don't under-estimate the importance of raising another human being to be self-sufficient, compassionate, and well adjusted, it's a big job:smile: .
  6. Working for years....especially if you're good at what you do, can make staying at home hard. If you're like me, a lot of your self worth can be tied into work.

    I am 'basically' a SAHM...but do enough consulting work to keep me 'sane' and give me a sense of acomplishment. I also help DH out, with the family business.
  7. I'm currently a SAHM too. I think the biggest adjustment has been financial. I like being home with the kids but sometimes think about all that we're missing out on...I miss being a part of the 'real' world.

    BUT, all of the things that we are missing are material. IMO nothing will ever be worth more than the time I have at home with these guys right now.

    There is lots of time for a new car later.

    It definitely takes some time to adjust but is absolutely worth it. You will find other things to dedicate your talents to...getting involved in school, sports etc.
  8. I went through the same thing 2 years ago....

    And at first, I felt lost....after working for 11 years....finally able to stay with my boy....but felt so unsure of my personal standing with letting go of a good job and missing out on being independent...etc...but...

    I now know that it is really important for kids to have someone close to them..who can devote time and energy to a deeper degree than just...quality time here and there...I notice such a difference in my son...and in me...

  9. :love: same here
  10. I was a SAHM & I don't regret one moment of it I loved every minute with my kids. Now they are grown & really together kids I am proud that I was there for them every step of the way!
  11. Giving up my job was the hardest thing I have ever done. I NEVER planned to quit work and always loved the independence work brought. I was very sick during my second pregnancy and was basically forced to quit as I was hospitalized and put on bed rest! My job was not the type where I coul be out for long periods. I was a marketing manager and there was ALWAYS tons to do. UGH. My son was born very prematurely and needed me to be there with him as no other caregiver could give him the appropriate care. Well, it has now been almost 18 months and I am realizing how WONDERFUL it is to be a SAHM and now realize I missed a TON of things with my oldest. I didn't really understand how much until now. Whew, being home with my littlest is AWESOME! Now I don't know when i will go back to work!
  12. I resigned work a few weeks before my son was 3 months I was bored stiff. I loved to interact with people, and three months of only a few adults and baby made me want to climb the walls!

    So now I'm working, but mostly work from home. I only go for meetings a couple days a week and am always at home when my son gets back from school.
  13. I think it is something worth considering. I fully expect to stay at home with my child (when I have one) until the child goes off to school.

    On a side note, I often wonder why some women stay at home even once the children go back to school. It might be worth considering part-time employment or employment with more flexible hours. That way you can have the best of both worlds. If your child gets sick or your husband needs you, you can be there for them.

    Whatever the case, don't let anyone make you feel bad about the decision you make. :heart:
  14. SAHM here. I don't regret the decison one bit.

    I agree with the other SAHM's that said you need to take time for yourself. It's so important!