Career - Struggling and extremely unlucky

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  1. Im struggling a lot in this area and I really need to vent somewhere.
    I finished University end of 2009, completed Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts, and majored in Human Resource Management. Double degree, worked in retail while at University.

    I started a role in Recruitment, in a small agency ran by two big fat bullies who completely shattered and ruined my self esteem. They verbally abused me and told me I was useless. I left this role after 2 weeks, but the way they treated me still hurt. I was then unemployed for a few months, during this time I did volunteer work in HR until I found another role.. this was a contract role in Industrial Relations. The contract was for 6 months, with an ongoing view. IR and HR is very closely linked so I saw this as a good career move.

    I worked my butt off in this role. We had performance reviews every 4 weeks for 6 months and we got graded. I got 100% all the time, which I later found out was very rare and got congratulated by the CEO of the company stating it was amazing effort. I decided it was good practice to come to work early, so I rocked up to work half an hour earlier every day. When I was really sick, I didn't take sick days, and forced myself to work.
    I socialized with everyone and really made effort to fit in. I made some excellent friends and had positive reviews from my team leaders and coaches. Sounds glowing doesn't it? The company then decided to extend my contract for 9 months instead of 6. Then on month 7, instead of giving me an ongoing role, they decided it would be more fair to advertise the role..and made me re apply for it. I re-applied and got interviewed and sent to one of those assessment centers. I DID NOT get an ongoing position because apparently I didnt do well in one of the interview exercises (something about being trapped on an island on my own). They had some order of merit developed with all the applicants. Management was disappointed as they were hoping to keep me (yeah right!). Needless to say, in about a month or so, I'm going to be unemployed again.

    Im feeling horribly anxious about this. I dont know why, 9 months is not too bad and I did get some good experience and training.. however I am worrying about being unemployed and finding work. The possibility of not being able to find work quicker even though this time around I have experience. Im worried about the type of workplace environment I'll land myself into.. I really love my current job and really click with the people at work. Im shattered over this and I'm convinced that someone's brother, sister in law or friend got this position over me. I'm not trying to be arrogant, but I have never in my life worked so hard for something. EVER.
    I have looked at even the tiniest details that I could brush up on to help me get this role. I am ok with the fact that I cant change anything. I did get two great references from this position and my manager is writing me a letter of recommendation.

    Im just stressed. I dont know why i take this job stuff so seriously, to the point that it is stressing me out. I do not have any major financial obligations and I still live at home and have lots of savings to live off. Its more so the achievement aspect that is stressing me out. I just feel like I have failed by not nesting myself into a company and staying there for a while. I just want a damn job, relevant to my degree and I want to stay there for at least a year or two.

    I guess I just really need to vent. I need to not let this affect my self esteem. I just feel so unlucky.
  2. I feel for you, I had the exact same problem. In my jobs I was always doing a higher role but was never getting the recognition for it.

    At the end of uni I failed to get the position I had almost been promised in my current job due to them not filling it. Although my managers had no control I couldnt help but feel cheated so went elsewhere.

    Bad move! That was literally the job from hell!! Spent 4 weeks there and moved on to something somewhat better but still ended up with the false promises.

    Fast forward 9 months and I have finally found a job which is what I have been looking for and it enabled me to move in with my bf so I got everything I hoped for. Unfortunately the pay is rubbish but I dont plan on staying there forever, just 1-2 years until I move upwards and onwards.

    I felt exactly like you did, I watched my friends get the jobs they wanted and I just felt so rubbish, like whats wrong with me.

    At the end of the day, just because you might have enough money to go and work in a low paying job, doesnt mean you will be satisfied and thats nothing to be ashamed of. Some people are happy in lower jobs, others arent, others just want to feel they have achieved something they have worked for and who can blame them??

    All I have to say is hang in there, if I got lucky then theres no reason you cant be. You seem to be doing the right things and ultimately if you are good at what you do, which I am sure you are, then something will come along and you will get your break. Its so hard but try and be patient and just vent to as many people as you can to get it off your chest. Im always on the other end of a pm! I competely understand how frustrating it is so I will always be willing to lend a sympathetic ear.
  3. well, the VERY first thing you should do the minute your job ends is call and apply for unemployment. that's number one! because it sounds like even though your job was temporary, you should still be entitled to unemployment benefits. at least some money will be coming in while you're looking for another job.

    i never understand why companies ask the most pointless questions during an interview—i mean seriously, being stuck on a deserted island??? i guess for them, it's a weeding out process.

    either way, stop getting frustrated about why you didn't get this job but focus on getting a new one. i'm sure if you asked, your employer would be more than happy to give you a letter of recommendation for the next job interview. it sounds like they loved you and appreciated you as their employee, so if anything, get this letter of recommendation and that would be a huge plus for a job interview.

    either way, good luck. keep on plugging away and don't give up. right now times are tough for everyone—i have been working in my field for over 7+ years and i have been unemployed since february. it sucks, but it is what it is. the economy is horrible. but you never know. i am hearing about people getting jobs, so keep trying.
  4. i am sorry of what you are going thru.
    but i think it's quite common in a work place. nothing is as logical as school. wish you the best!!
  5. *hug* I hope that things will go better! You know you are doing the best you possibly can, so only good things can come out of it!
  6. I agree with the advice here - get on unemployment so you have something coming in, and start applying for jobs right away. Use your experience to your advantage - it sounds like you have a great work ethic to go with your education and you can state in your interviews that your contract was up and now you're looking for more work. Definitely get those letters of recommendation before you go and you should be on your way to a new position in no time. Stay positive!