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  1. Ok ladies, I need your two cents on this one please.. Not sure where to post, since there is no Career sub-forum.. anyways, here goes.. I am about to change my career..I have been in the software/IT field for a few years and have realised at 31, I am NOT happy with what I do for a living.. I really want to be passionate about my work and not dread every minute I spend there.. I am looking at two fields that I would like to pursue.. #1) Fashion design--I have always wanted to be a fashion designer from as far back as I could remember, but never had the opportunity to pursue it.. #2) graphic design-- I have recently started to take an interest in it, since it is closely related to both design and IT (since I got my degree in computer science).. now here is the tricky question..
    I would like to do Fashion design, since that is my first love, but is 31 too late to start in this field? I do not know how to sew (just started classes) and I am not sure if I would even get hired after going through school due to my age.. do you think it would work out? If I did get hired, I would have to go through that whole "intern" phase, again which kind of scares me.. since I am at that age, where I like to have "some" control of my work/life...
    I feel, realistically speaking, graphic design would be a much easier route, just do the 2 years of school and then kind of get a "desk" job again..but I am not sure if I would be truly happy..
    I have a two year old and if I pursued Fashion design, I would have to make a cross country move also..what would you do ladies? am so confused..:confused1:
  2. if u can afford to take the risk, it's now or never.

    think of the worst case scenario, e.g. missing time w/ ur kid, unemployed, in heavy debt, homeless, no support system, rejection after rejection. if u are strong enough to handle that, you WILL succeed. also, be prepared to have a fall back plan, ie parents, siblings, savings, old IT bosses, contacts, etc. in case you need to reach out to them.

    I think you should try, at least you can go to ur grave saying that you've tried, and when you succeed, think how much happier you will be doing what you love.