Career-Handbag Correlation

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  1. could everybody list their career (or lack of) and the handbag that you are currently carrying or carry most often and how many nice handbags you currently own. I'll start:

    student = Gucci Large Horsebit; 2

    I'm just wondering if their is any correlation with the career field you have and the number and type of handbag you carry.
  2. accounting (not by choice) - I've carried mainly Coach bags, but recently bought 2 LV's (Speedy 25 and Batignolles)...
  3. Masters Degree Student = Whiskey Paddington, 6 high end designer bags (aside from the low-end designer bags)
  4. Husband and I own a web design company = bag changes as much as my underwear! = over 30 non-designer bags
  5. Software engineer - Currently carrying Burberry tote. Own 4 other LV in Damier and Epi
  6. I suppose you'd call me an administrative executive (work in advertising). My most frequently carried work bags are my LV Batignolles Horizontal and now my MJ Sophia in black. My few actual designer bags are mostly LV's and Marc Jacobs because I prefer classic designs, though I did succumb to a chocolate Paddy and am carrying that one today.
  7. Domestic Goddess - Black Balenciaga City. Just starting out my bag collection, although have a coach hampton (?). All other bags were tossed last week. Currently trying to get a Paddington Shopping/Tote bag in white. Oops, forgot I have a Gerard Darel Charlotte in Cognac.
  8. Public Relations/Advertising - Green apple Balenciaga first. I have five other bags: Two LVs, Chloe, Burberry and D&B
  9. University student - I have four LV, 2 coach, 2 D&B, and a Gucci. The LVs are what I use and have gotten recently (well, within the past year hehe). The other stuff were gifts and all in my closet somewhere.
  10. University professor, I'm currently carrying my white Stella to work and my MJ taupe Stam out at night.

    I also own a large collection of MJ bags, a Chloe Paddington, a Chloe Silverado, some Kooba bags, and a Bulga large hobo.
  11. Non-profit voc. rehab administrator= Dior Gaucho
  12. finance- paddington
  13. University student:

    Current bag: Longchamp "shopping"
    Others: I have one LV, two Fendis, one Prada, one D&G wristlet, and two Coach ones
  14. Also a university professor...LV Cabas Mezzo to work...and for play...Balenciaga city bag(s), Chloe (double-zipper paddington, silverado, Betty, and Molly...yes, I have been "bad" lately), and YSL muse(s)
  15. Technology company owner:
    I'm currently carrying a white balenciaga twiggy

    I have 1 black multicolore speedy, white multicolore speedy, lots of LV accessories and my twiggy. (I've cosolidated and sold a lot of my bags incl. a few Diors)

    (getting a new bag soon.)