Career-Handbag Correlation

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  1. could everybody list their career (or lack of) and the handbag that you are currently carrying or carry most often and how many nice handbags you currently own. I'll start:

    student = Gucci Large Horsebit; 2

    I'm just wondering if their is any correlation with the career field you have and the number and type of handbag you carry.
  2. nurse & military wife: paddington, LV alma and wallet, burbery with wallet, dior gaucho, several coach, edith whiskey preordered, and me soon be husband has bought some of them for me tough;)

  3. these have been through the years. the most important thing is that one does not deglect their responsibilities while indulging in pleasures of designer handbags.
  4. what are you studying? good luck this semester.
  5. TV Producer, now fashion/lifestyle journalist. I tend to use big bags as I need to put in my notebooks etc. I've been alternating between my monogram speedy 25 and black Tods Micky for the past 6 months. When I did TV, I used to put tapes in my bag, so I used a black Dior tote, monogram bucket bag or Ferragamo hobo. I travel quite a bit, so I use my monogram deauville or Chanel bag, not sure what it's called, but it's the one in black monogram nylon material. You can spill stuff and it doesn't matter, it wipes off :biggrin: Small bags are only for evening functions, and when I have to go into fashion journalist mode, whatever looks fashiony :lol:
  6. Professor/Psychologist
    Balenciaga city
    YSL muse
  7. consultant- alternates between prada briefcase which was made for men...Gucci tote from luggage dept...both sturdy enough for my laptop and files.
  8. QA Coordinator - I travel a lot and have to take lots of binders and notebooks with me, so I use a cheapo Target tote. It works for now.

    7 Coach bags, and counting...
  9. college pre-med student :lol: i use all of my handbags pretty equally although i prefer the big totes (chanel, burberry or juicy) for school to carry my laptop and notebooks :love:

    i have 2 chanel ligne cambon bags, 2 LV, 2 christian dior bags from the "girly/pink rain" collection, 3 burberry bags, 3 juicy couture bags and 1 gucci large hobo horsebit.
  10. I just opened my own store back in Dec. so I'm totally broke right now, before that I worked in retail - today I'm carrying my Marc Jacobs Blake bag in black, it's probably one of the ones I use the most, that and my Mono Speedy 25 - I own 4 LVs, 1 Tod's, 1 Miu Miu, 1 Chanel, 2 MJ, 1 Isabella Fiore, 1 Dior, 1 Burberry, 1 Fendi, 1 Kate Spade, 1 Cole Haan, 1 Paddington, 1 Juicy, 1 Gucci, and a couple wallets. I think that's everything...oh ya and I have probably about 50 or so other non designer purses. I know... I have a problem...:shame:
  11. Yow Socal, you're a smartie! My natural awe toward college professors is kicking in... :amuse:

    What size Muse do you have?

    Oh, and me:
    Student - Balenciaga city, Goyard tote
  12. I am a fashion stylist for local TV networks here in the City,
    I change bags daily, and like you ladoctorfutura, I carry a lot of large totes my favourite one is my Burberry.
  13. Oh, and me:
    Student - Balenciaga city, Goyard tote

    Spirelsnowman I love Goyard, It is so chic.
  14. Student....I don't know what subject I am looking into- opps!
    And I wanna be a fashion designer, or fashion stylist, well anything realted to me messing with clothes!
    If that dosen't go over a car designer (hooking up cars) or working something with modeling

    Gucci Tote
    Fendi Spy
    Lv pouchette(s)
    *black colored LV's

    I want a *Balenciaga, Speedy 25, and a chanel tote

    Then I will be done with purses:amuse:
  15. Why, thank you! I have two muse bags in the large size. One is black leather, the other is chocolate ostrich. :biggrin: