Career changes for transitioning women

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  1. #1 Mar 13, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2014
    Just looking for some ideas on what potential career changes I can make.

    If someone asked me a few years ago whether I think I'd ever be in this position, the answer would be NO. I've always been somewhat of a workaholic and have worked myself from the ground up. I have 9 years of corporate business development experience. I started working in a corporate office one month after graduating high school. I had taken some courses part-time, hoping to earn a degree, but my career started to take off and I found myself traveling for most of the month.

    I am from Canada and will be relocating to the US (California) in the next few months to marry my fiancé. I was that single, independent girl who owned her own home at 20 and had a great career, with no degree. In a way, I lived selfishly for myself and never saw myself in a relationship like I am in now. When I met my fiancé, things kind of got put into perspective in terms of how I wanted to live life. It was great to have the success in my career and I was lucky considering I didn't have formal education, but I want more. Not more in salary increases or career responsibilities, but I want more out of my life. More travel, more family time, more balance. My fiancé is also very accomplished in his career, but no matter how crazy his job gets, he always draws the line with family. It has taught me that, no matter how successful I become, if I can't balance I'll never really feel 'fulfilled'. A well paying salary and a comfortable job isn't enough for a good life.

    After a few years of doing long distance, we are now getting married. I'm starting to realize that the person I was and how I saw my career 5 years ago is no longer the same. I think about what I am looking forward to in life and how I want to build a family. I want to have a career but not at the expense of my family. If I were to continue in the same field, I would be traveling 2-3 weeks out of the month. I just don't want to do that anymore.

    So here I am. I have the opportunity to go back to school and start fresh. I want to be in a career where I can balance being a mom and feeling 'fulfilled' in my work. I've always wanted to do something that was independent and allowed me to work in an office or remotely from home. I am great in high pressured, corporate sales environments but I am open for a change. I'd like to make a similar salary without all the travel - not sure if that's possible. I'm making 6 figures in a sales environment with no degree, which usually only happens in sales.

    I'm asking you guys in tPF because I know this is probably a very common thought for many transitioning women or women who are becoming mothers. I want to have it all but I realize, you can't and I no longer yearn for the corner office and the executive title, if that means I spend no time with those I love. I am willing to take a pay cut just so I can have that balance.
  2. Have you thought about starting a home based business? You could network outside the home for a diversion, and eventually set up a separate office with employees if that makes sense.
  3. i have no idea what goes on in sales, but i would assume networking and connection are two main factors into making sales??
    so if you move to CA...means you will need to start from scratch if you continue in sales??
    and if you step back and want to go back to school, what are you passionate about? it's much easier to do something you love while joggling with family and all. stress is very personal to everyone, someone feels great under pressure and some just lose it when you call them twice within 5 minutes.
  4. I'm so excited for you! I always wondered what had happened next... It's been a few years already, time flies!! I'm pregnant btw :smile:

    Anyway!! Congrats on the engagement, it's awesome that you're moving. School would work both GREAT to network and to get a formal education. Plus you are still young and don't have kids yet, so you can try to balance out work as well. Not like you'll be busy partying anyway!!!

    As for the Sales, I agree with Juneping. Most of the times, sales is about networking, so starting from a NEW place means meeting new people!! I'm sure you will do great. When are you moving?