Career change at 30- stressed and scared..

  1. Hi all, well I'm 30 years old (almost 31) and am trying to make a complete career change. It will almost certainly involve a big (poss very big) pay cut. Thankfully my DH earns a good salary- good, not huge, and we don't have/don't want kids. But I am so stressed about the whole thing!!:confused1: Has anyone else here gone through a complete career change and how did you deal with it?

    A little background info about me:
    - had to drop out of college and start working full time at 19, ended up in financial services through a temp job. I've been here for 11 years out of comfort, security, fear of looking for a new job, terrified of interviews :sad:

    -at 26 I decided to finish my degree and THEN focus on getting a new job. Went back to college part time at night, finally graduated this year (yay) now I want to do something with my English degree. I've been looking into publishing,starting job is Editorial Assitant, and I've seen salaries as low as $25,000 or $30,000 :wtf: HUGE pay cut for me, and I have a mortgage...

    anyone in the publishing/editing/writing/copywriting industry? do you enjoy it? is it as low paying as I've heard? TIA!
  2. Well, I'm in advertising. Have you thought about copywriting, perhaps starting out as a freelancer? Copywriters make more than $25-30K per year.

    Also, keep in mind that a starting salary is just that -- and it won't be long until you move up and make a better salary.

    Good luck!
  3. Hi Lori, thanks for your reply :smile: Yes I have been looking at Copywriting jobs too- it sounds interesting and it definitely seems to pay better than publishing. Do you need to have a marketing/advertising background? I don't.. Also it seems hard to find any entry-level copywriting- all the listings I've been looking at require experience and a portfolio of your work :sad:
  4. I know for a fact that all copywriters don't necessarily start out with an advertising or marketing background. Many of them were English majors and then went into copywriting. There's really no such thing as entry level copywriting, unless you start out as a copy editor, which is pretty much a non-existent position nowadays.

    Don't worry about requiring experience -- you just need to put together a portfolio. You'll need to write copy for imaginary clients so that people can get an idea of your writing style. I'd start out with at least 5 samples. Maybe you can contact some agencies, say you're a copywriter and ask them if you can send them samples of your work. Ask them what they're looking for and then you'll know what your portfolio needs to have.
  5. I will do some more research and see if I can put some samples together. Thanks!!:wlae: I'm also trying to see if there's any way I can make my 10 years experience at my current job sound even remotely relevant. I do correspondence and I've written procedures, so that might help.
  6. I admire you. I'm several years younger and dying to make a career change but terrified that it's too late since I'm already so entrenched in my current field.

    so I wish you the best, I'm jealous of your drive!
  7. Good luck! It will be hard at first, but will be worth it. Just think of the alternative- staying in a career you aren't happy with. Congratulations, you'll do fine- just be confident in yourself :smile:
  8. Fashionista, you're on the right track. Everyone is going to want writing samples from you.

    mundodabolsa, if you want to make a career change start planning to do it ... don't let life scare you! Do things that scare you -- it's what puts life into you!
  9. I'm still going to school to become a copywriter, although I do some freelance on the side. It is very difficult to just jump right in these days. And I suppose if you do get a job as a copywriter w/o going to a portfolio school, you most likely will start with a $25,000-$30,000 range.
  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words! :smile::smile: I am very scared of making such a big career change- not only because of the lower salary, but because I've been at my current company soo long I'm comfortable there. I'm scared of being in a new office, being the "new girl", starting over at the bottom, scared I won't like the new job or maybe I'll suck at it... but thankfully my husband is super supportive and wants me to do something I enjoy.

    Jayne- you said you're in school to become a copywriter- are you at a college? what classes are you taking? what is a portfolio school?

    I really want to get a full-time job, not freelance, I need to have a steady, secure paycheck..
  11. Good luck! It can be scary but I think it'll be better for you than living life with the "what if..." question. I'm sure you can find a way to make your current experience relevant to what you're trying to do. Please keep us posted and congrats!!
  12. You bet it's scary making a career change! But it's never too late...I had a friend who decided after years at an office job she really wanted to be a landscape designer and went back to school and got her 50!

    I made a career change when I was 27 in the mid 1990s and it wasn't by choice. I was in import/export and the company I was working for at the time folded. It's a long story but it brought me to my knees and I was crushed.

    It was a wake up call for me. Do i go back to grad school? Do I change careers? I ended up switching to IT and it was the best thing that happened to me. Did I take a pay cut? YOU BET. About paychecks initially weren't much more than the unemployment checks I was collecting! But I gained leadership and managerial experience and it just took off from there as I carved out a special niche for leadership in IT without the need to be super technical and that spun off into project management which is my profession today. My salary has grown nearly 8-fold since that big paycut.
  13. Fashionista7....I'm so glad to see your post, because I've been in your shoes!

    First of all, congrats for finishing college! That's hard work and a lot of dedication. Good job! :woohoo:

    I left teaching a little over a year ago. I taught everything from grades 5-12 for six years. I was burned out, never had any free time, angry a lot and although I was challenged at work, it wasn't in a good way (more of a "I'm on the edge and I want to choke this kid) kind of way. Many of my friends and colleagues tried to warn me that I would probably hate my new career and I'd be back.

    Well, I quit teaching 5th grade at the end of the year to take an entry level job doing customer service for a very well known internet company. It's the best thing I've ever done. While aspects of it may be drier than teaching, there are other areas that really inspire me and give me more free time to be with my family and money to do things for myself and others that I could never do before. That in itself is a huge stress relief.

    I hope the same is true for you. Work is work and no job is perfect, but I pray that you enjoy your new career and reap all the new opportunities it has to offer you.:heart:
  14. Others have given you excellent advice - I will wish you luck!
  15. I just wanted to tell you to do what you really want to be doing!

    I changed careers when I was 30...I was a nurse that just wasn't loving my job. I had always wanted to be a police officer, so I left nursing and joined the police academy. I was the "old lady" of our class, but I also ran miles around the young guys and kicked butt. I took a huge pay cut to do this, but I had to go for it. My hubby makes a good living, so that definitely helped make the transition a bit easier.
    Good luck with what you decide. It's never too late, especially at 30.