Career Change (A complete 180)

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  1. Currently I work in the business development field of a an engineering firm. Everything is very corporate and structured and the field I specialize in doesn't require much creative thought. It's a competitive environment business-wise but there is no inspiration for creativity and while I had a good time learning the business/industry, I felt like I really needed creativity in order to enjoy my job long-term. Another factor was that I didn't particularly enjoy working for a large corporation and having to abide to someone's judgement of how much I can make or how much I am worth salary wise.

    So I am quitting. It's a huge risk for me. I am leaving a career.

    AND I am going to makeup artistry school.
    It's a private college/academy and well recognized. Very pricey so it's not something I take lightly.

    I am scared - but at the same time very excited at the thought of being able to work in and industry I have great interest in and will never bore of. I've done my research a million times over and I am sure this is what I want to be doing.

    In the future, I hope to run my own business as well because I do believe I am actually "good" at business...and I am very business-minded as a person.

    Anyone else done a complete 180 in their career? If so, what did you end up doing and were you happy with it!? Any regrets?
  2. Congratulations! That's very brave of you to leave what you know and go after your true career goals and passions. I wish you well.
  3. Wow!! Good luck!!
  4. Good for you!

    I graduated with an undergraduate degree in marketing and went into sales right out of college. Well, I hated it completely and ended up doing insurance claims (BORING). So I decided to go to grad school and get my MBA in Accounting, because I like numbers and spreadsheets and math and all that.

    Long story short, after doing insurance claims for a few years and hating it, I'm starting a new job as an auditor in two weeks! I'm excited (and nervous) but so glad I'm making the career change.
  5. oh i missed this thread....

    i think if you are going to do something you love, it's great. congrats on your new career!!
    even though i am doing something i like (not exactly love) i still find it boring/exhausting sometime. i also am thinking of change of career but i want to get my professional license before i leave my industry. i want to go into fashion...still debating if i want it or not.
  6. I've never done a complete 180, but I wanted to say congrats to you! It's really brave to leave a safe environment and go out and do something completely different to make yourself happy. I truly think that's awesome & wish you the best :smile:
  7. After 17 years at a law firm...I left! I opened up a small internet business and work at home with my husband! I love it! :biggrin:
  8. OP, I think I remember you posting about thinking about doing this.'re gonna DO IT!! Congrats!!

    Not really doing a 180 right now, BUT I am trying something new. I'm currently unemployed as my work contract wrapped up a month ago. While looking for a new job, I'm going to start working part time pro bono (meaning, unpaid) for a friend of mine who is starting up a consulting business. I've known him and worked with him almost 10 years so we already know eachother on good days and bad days and have the essential trust/rapport. I'm really impressed with what he's put together so far and how strong his pipeline is (and thoroughly vetted too!). So, this is a new direction for me while I find something to pay the mortgage/food/bags/shoes expenses, LOL!

    Congrats to you, OP!!