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When you are working who do talk to about your problems/issues? I am in charge of this major project but I do not feel like I have anyone objective to talk to about what I am doing. My boss is too busy to talk to me and only hired me because he could not do the job. I met some other people with similar jobs but they are good for advice here and there but are usually busy. Maybe someone should make up a career forum or website just for on the job questions and help with decision making.


May 3, 2008
When you have to work on things like that, you have to make executive decisions about what to do with it.

I usually have my boss set aside some time each week to go over how I'm doing with what's on my plate. She told me when she hired me to write down my questions throughout the day so I can ask them all at once instead of bothering her every time I needed something.
I usually dont ask my boss anything. He tells me to ask more questions but I always feel like I am bothering him or I am dumb for asking questions since I should know what I am doing...but I don't' given I have 0 background in project management


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May 16, 2008
Depending on my working relationship with the person(s) I have problems with. With my last job, my boss was the type who always wanted things done to perfection yesterday. Fortunately he was also someone I could talk to and if I didn't like his style, I'd tell him directly. He valued my honesty although the bluntness initially caused a few conflicts here and there, but after some time our working relationship actually strengthened and he would come to me with his personal work problems with other people :biggrin:

I guess if you don't feel right about discussing work problems with your colleagues you could try talking with your closest friends outside your work.
Maybe, I should start asking my boss more questions...but I always get the don't you know how to do your job vibe...I am like you hired me with no experience and expect me to figure out everything. There are so many policies where I work where I did not know they even existed until I had an issue.


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Jan 5, 2007
Well, if your boss tells you to ask more questions, perhaps he/she understands that you don't have a lot of experience.
I've had a couple of jobs where I didn't have a lot of experience, but I researched my questions via the internet, or asked other people and figured it out on my own.

Is that not possible?


Apr 9, 2006
I agree with Charles - if he's telling you to ask more questions, it's because he probably knows you may be struggling. You may think he is being bothered, but he probably wants to help.

If your issues are career-specific, I am not sure where you can go other than co-workers or friends who are in the industry. Does your company have a mentorship program? That way they can link you up with a more senior person of the company for guidance. My company has that, but not many people utilize it. You can also join industry networking groups and find a mentor that way.

If your issues are just general decision making questions, you can try posting them on this forum or a workplace forum like this: