Workplace Career Advice Needed


Oct 27, 2006
I'm currently in college now to be an interior design major. After a few years, I've decided that this major is not for me; I hate it, and I'm stuck trying to figure out what I should change to. I've been thinking about fashion merchandising, which I would assume, I would really like. The only problem is, what would I be able to do with this major, as I don't want to be working retail at Macys etc. all my life. I was wondering if any of you had done this major, or knew anyone that has, and what kind of job oppurtunities you've got? I've also been thinking about marketing, and I'm sure that I wouldn't like it as much as fashion, but I may be able to get a better job. :confused1: So basically I'd like to hear from people who have done both sides? Thanks!


Feb 4, 2008
One thing I've learned in life is you have to do what makes YOU happy- you only have one life to live. If fashion merchandising is something you think you'd love- then persue it with open arms. There's plenty of work in retail buying, etc you could get into with a degree like that. if you want to persue a marketing/business degree becuase you love it, then that's one thing- but don't do it just for the job! You will not be as happy if you work a full time job in a field you are not completley passionate about!