career advice- any comment is appreciated

  1. This is my first year in the real world and it is time for my first corporate review :amazed: I am extremely nervous and I want to be prepared before I go into the meeting.

    Do you think it's too early in the game to ask for a raise? I am kind of shy to bring up the matter but I completed certain certifications recommended for my position and I feel that I deserve a pat on the back, as well as a small pay raise. :lol: (for my purse fund)

    Have you ever asked for a raise and how would you advise me to go about it? THANK YOU GUYS :cry:
  2. Well, I'm still in college so I can't offer any life experience advice, but (I'm almost embarassed to say!) that I read an article in Cosmo about how women are often satisfied with positive remarks about their work- and often leave out asking for a raise, while men tend to be more bold. They expect you to ask if you want it. :smile:

    buuut, like I said, I'm only a college student!
  3. I think I probably read a similar (if not the same) article in the past, and I think women earns averagely only 77% of what men earn in the same position and experience. I am determined not letting that happenning to me!! Like I said, I'm a newbie myself and I didn't even negotiate when I was presented with the job offer. I had to find out from my other colleagues that they get higher salary and more vacation days than I do. :evil:

    But I agree with you that women generally appreciate the opportunities presented more than men, and we were also taught it's impolite to ask for more money. EXACTLY why I am debating whether to bring this up to my boss.
  4. :amuse:
    hey i hope you're enjoying the real world - it does have it ups and downs but i'm sure you'll be ok!
    as for the pay rise thing - maybe you can bring up scales of pay eg/ ask them how ppl in the company get pay increases etc... and what needs to be done... Usually if you've been working in a place for over a year or even under a year you get a bit of an increase... At my old work we all worked on a scale - so each year once we achieved all the things that were required in that scale we got bumped up to the next level... does your work place have anything like this???
    im sorry if ive confused you or anything - but i say just ask how a person can get a pay increase...
    good luck!!!! :amuse:
  5. How long have you been there?
    Have you met your goals consistently?

    My DH is Director of a C. and gives reviews/raises to all the District Mangers and SA's under him. He/the Co. automatically gives everyone who receives a great review an increase in pay, I *think* it's around 5%{?}
    If your boss doesn't bring it up, you ABSOLUTELY should!
    Be very confident about it . . . the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  6. I'm seconding what helen & swanky said...where I work after the reviews you get a raise...then everyone gets it at the same time and its usually the point where you get to talk about your achievements one-on-one with your supervisor and hear what they have to say too. I'd find out if it is like that where you work before asking! At my bf's job he found out there are no raises! You have to apply for a new position and get a raise that way, which is weird...but just goes to show that each company has their own policies.
  7. Helen - this is my first review so I don't know about the raise system yet. However, I believe I know what you mean and I think it's a wonderful instrument because everyone on the team wins.:biggrin:

    Swanky - thanks for the encouragement!! I am having the review with regional director, and I believe direct boss has submitted a rave review beause he has had clients writing thank you letters to him about me. The "be very confident" part might be a little bit hard because I'm SUPER nervous around this regional director and I hope I won't talk with a shaky voice tomorrow. :lol:

    Blue - Thanks for your advice, maybe I should stay put until I find out the structure first. Then schedule another meeting to discuss about the raise.
  8. Don't be nervous! Who knows, maybe it's my DH and he's really a big teddy bear outside of work! :biggrin:
    Seriously though, my DH can't stand it when people aren't confident, it's VERY important.
    If you have to, stare in the mirror and convince yourself how much you DESERVE it!!
  9. I'm all about girl power and believe girls deserve same reward for the same performances as boys do. It just seems like guys have less problem openning up to ask for it and are the ones end up with the rewards.

    Swanky, I will practice in front of the mirror tonight and probably write down things to prove that I deserve the reward. :amuse: thanks!
  10. For all you know, your review may automatically come with a pay increase. (unless you're not doing so good which I doubt is your case) When I was in the corporate world, thats usually how it worked.

    If they ask you at the end of the review if you have any questions, that would be the time to ask tactfully what the company criteria is concerning salary increases?
  11. Goodluck Care! We're rooting for you :biggrin: Let us know how it goes.
  12. Hmm, i thought most companies should automatically give you at least 4% raise for living cost (cuz of deflation rate). So if u did well in the past year, they should give you more. If you were just so so, may be u'll get 4%. I'm not sure if u even have to ask, cuz it's kinda part of and the point of annual review, right?
  13. almost forgot, good luck Care. You'll be fine.
  14. Thanks guys!!! I'll keep you posted.. if all goes well.. I think I can smell another BAG!
  15. I read somewhere that for a million psychological reasons it's best to ask for a raise on a Thursday. I did, and it worked!

    Good luck!