Care to Share Recent Travel Gone Awry?

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  1. Well....I just returned from Vancouver! Great time in Vancouver....but once again, the flying was awful! All travel was on United.

    Our SBN to ORD commuter flight was fine (actually left and arrived early)!
    ORD to YVR was half boarded and then they announced mechanical issues. Had to get a new plane...flight delayed 2 hours.

    Way back things were good.....YVR to SFO smooth sailing. Mechanical problems with SFO to ORD that we left 30 minutes late.
    Arrive at ORD for slight to SBN and mechanical problems. 15 minutes AFTER departure time they announce they are cancelling flight and putting us on a new one 3 hours later. Arrive in SBN (late) and my luggage is lost.

    It is now 6 hours after my arrival time and still no luggage. Last scanned in Chicago. Important work/school papers on well as all my toiletries, etc.! Oh and this was all red eye I am a zombie and still need to go grocery shopping tonight!

    Needless to say, they will be getting a nasty phone call from me!

    Anyone else have some wonderful travel stories to share?
  2. We got to our hotel in Paris at 4 in the afternoon to find that they would not honor our reservation there because we had three children, making the room occupancy more than they allowed (4 vs. 5). Then after we found some other place to stay we went to the Eiffel Tower.

    While we were lined up to go up into the Eiffel Tower a man shot himself in the head and fell from the second level of the tower. It is amazing that in such a quick flash so much can go through your mind. I thought: OMG, what am I seeing? he's going to hit the side and bounce at some point, and I don't want to see this. What are the kids doing? Do they know? I need to turn them.

    Luckily we were far back enough that they were shielded by other people standing in line. And thank God they saw nothing, and had no idea. One of the legs was under repair, and closed, so we told them that there was a malfunction on the other leg, so it was now closed. We went to a bateaux mouche and the adults just sat there, stunned. Seeing someone kill himself was really horrible.
  3. OMG Candy!!!! I'm so sorry you had to witness that! t least your kids didn't see it!
  4. These travel expirirences weren't really awry just plain exhausting.

    1 A business trip to India in 2002
    Like 24 flight. Honolulu to Tokyo (hate Narita airport) then Tokyo to Hong Kong then Hong Kong to Mumbai. My moms company was too cheap to pay for a more direct flight. And on top of that we had less than an hour in Tokyo to make our transfer and I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE!!! lol

    2 Holiday to the Seychelles in 1998

    Minneapolis->Rejakvik->Amsterdam->Cairo->Nairobi->Madagascar->the Seychelles

    There was no available flight from Cairo to Madagascar, and there was no available flight Amsterdam to Nairobi so we had to take the scenic route. It was fun though looking back on it.
  5. OMG Louis...that second trip sounds like a trip from hell LOL Would've been fun to have a couple days layover in each of those places though!
  6. Something will always go wrong. As long as the airport police aren't surrounding me & pointing guns at me like happened to a friend of mine in India, I can deal with the small stuff. (He was 65 & there on business from the USA, he probably has never even got a speeding ticket before in his life, scared to death, all was a "misunderstanding!")
    Paris airport - huge pain right now.
    I'm just so happy we get to travel & experience the world!
  7. LOL yes it would've. We did have a 5 hour layover in Nairobi Kenya where we weren't allowed to leave the airport b/c we didn't have kenyan visas!!!! OMG i was about to go nuts. If i ever go back i'll probably be like oh you changed the wall colour nice. ROFL