Care To Join Me For Some,...... "Liquid Brunch"

  1. :drinkup:

    Got me a "Little" something H today,.......

    We won't play the strip tease game,...... we'll play the guessing game,....

    So who's with me? :nuts:

    We WILL need drinks for this!


    Drink UP! :drinkup:

    First Hint,.............. Usually hangs around your hand! :roflmfao:
  2. CDC bracelet?
  3. :s


  4. Baggsy it's even too early for ME to have cocktails!!!! LOL!!!!

    Spill, girly. Whatcha got???????
  5. ROFL

    When you say it hangs around....which way around. Cuz a CDC would hang around a wrist. New Birkin?
  6. ^^,... naughty girl, there will be no freebies here!
  7. :smartass:

    :nogood: not a Birkin
  8. How about we think bigger than a bracelet... JPG Birkin?
  9. That would hang around her arm..

    OH OH OH
  10. Binky,...... it's a "Little" something
  11. your not cold but you are cool!
  12. Kelly Longue?
  13. I'm dying here!!! :woohoo: More hints, please :yes:
  14. Mini Kelly????
  15. Picotin!!!!