Care to buy a castle?


    I'm torn between the Chateau in Cannes or Castle in Provence myself :graucho::lol:

    What's your pick ladies?

    Think if we all donated a dollar each of our purse fund a day we'd have Belgian Chateau in a year? (For the easy price of [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]€ 1.115.521) :heart::lol:
  2. Beautiful, just beautiful...particularly the Norman castle at the bottom of the first page. :love: That does it - forget LV, I'm gonna save up for the Norman castle! :flowers: :biggrin:
  3. um..excuse me...who told you that it was OK to post pics of my estates?

    ^^HA! KIDDING! I WISH!! cool pics...makes me want to stop shopping...ok..not.
  4. what does it say about me that the first thought i had when i clicked on the one near aix en provance (which is only my very favorite place EVER) was "only 1.7 million euros...that is so inexpensive!" even though it's probably more money than i'll see in cumulatively in the next two decades!! :smile:

    my poor husband.
  5. thay arent terribly expencive, (not that i have the money or anything) but today $2 mil buys a really nice house average house with wateviews and even then you need $4.5+ for waterfront, so i guess if your into the whole castle renassiance thing you could live in one of those lol
  6. :cry: I need to stop shopping! :cry:
  7. :lol::roflmfao: I think you don't even stop shopping in your sleep!
  8. Castles aren't very expensive to buy because the upkeep is so expensive. People are willing to sell them off because the upkeep can be millions per year....

    But it doesn't stop me from wanting one! :biggrin:
  9. hm... i'm looking at the castle between Aix-n-Provence and Avignon, Castle XVIIIth..

    I think that'll be my dream home one day. Even then, maybe i'll split it between my brothers and I. It's cheaper than living in an apartment in the city!

    I wonder if it comes with the decor and all?
  10. i would like to own one but given how broke I am as of the moment, I guess I will have to save for the next 20 yrs or so.. hehe they r so pretty though..
  11. buying a Chateau is not so's maintaining one which has to potential to ruin you for don't own a chateau, they own you...
  12. So true. There are so many old families here who are struggling with the upkeep of the family domain and "castle". Mind you, old anything is hard to maintain, as we've had the displeasure of discovering upon water damage of our flat in Paris.
  13. LOL, my first thought was "WOW! Those are beautiful!" and my second was "WOW! I can't imagine the cost of heating one of those in the winter!"